About Carolyn


Welcome to my blog!

My name is Carolyn Collado, I am a stylist by heart and a cosmetologist by profession. I am an owner of an online accessories site and a blogger who also does Internet Marketing.

I absolutely LOVE working from home it’s like a dream come true! I have a busy life, but that’s the way I like it.

And I’m a woman who loves everything cute and girly. I made this blog to celebrate my love for beauty and fashion. My love for beauty goes beyond hobby and lifestyle.

The idea of creating a blog sprung after participating in different fashion events as a fashion and stylist advisor for different videos and photo shoots for international artists and magazines such as Hombre Magazine and Pasaje Latino amongst others.

I told to myself, “Why not create a blog about my passion and broadcast it to the world, especially to the ladies the beauty of fashion, cosmetics and life itself?” Thus, the creation of my beauty, fashion, health, fitness and cosmetics blog.

As I am fascinated with Hollywood life, I will also share with you some of Hollywood’s latest gossips. Sneaky huh?

I believe that we don’t need to spend much over beauty products that go down the drain, that is why I will post reviews and recommend you only the best products, so you can save not only money but time as well.

Apart from beauty and fashion, I am a woman in a suitcase as I always love to travel and take pictures. Furthermore, I also love helping shoppers in their dilemma when it comes to finding the perfect fit for them.

I believe that women are like butterflies, beautiful and unique in their own ways.

They are always evolving and they undergo metamorphosis that transforms them from a shy caterpillar to a colorful and lovely butterfly with their wings fully spread as they soar higher.

I believe in empowering women as we are all capable in reaching excellence in our work.

Enjoying life without constraints has always been my motto. They say I am free spirited who accept my flaws and imperfections, and I love to meet people who do the same. I go beyond my comfort zone, always excited to do different things.

As fascinated as I am with women’s capability in dressing up according to season and mood, I wanted to take this opportunity to share to you my ideas and take towards fashion. Come and journey with me towards the road to fashion as I’ll provide you fun and quality content that will address your beauty dilemma and fashion emergency among other things.

Let’s celebrate fashion, beauty, creativity, craziness and uniqueness. Let’s celebrate Life!

And this is ME. Simple as that!