Android and iOS Applications for your Weight Loss Goals


Wanted to take selfies but are too guilty with your flabby arms, chubby cheeks and love handles? Why not use your smartphones and tablets for good and healthy cause? Instead of thinking of photoediting tools to look sexy and slender, why not make it real and lose it in a workout or a wise diet plan? You can do this by downloading weight loss applications? Here are few of the helpful and perfect apps for android as well as apps for iOS that will help you trim down:



A portmanteau of food and educate, foodeducate analyzes the food nutrition of the products that you buy. You can discover the excessive sugar, transfat, artificial sweeteners and more.  All you have to do is scan the barcode of the food and foodeducate will do the rest. It will give ratings of the food which has large product database, Whole Foods, Trader Joe and other private brands. Products are rated according to A, B, C, D by an automatic algorithm. Foodeducate analysis of the product is only based on the scanned barcode and does not get input from the products’ manufacturers.

My fitness Pal

This application allows you to track of your food and get support from those who also observe diet. It has an estimated of 1.5 million food database and 350 exercises that are customizable. This contains nutritional details and easy food and workout entry. It also contains a free barcode scanner. Fitness apps are as important as weight loss apps that you should snob its benefits.

Calorie Counter

Let Calorie counter be in your iPad as this excellent in keeping track of your meals and exercise routines. Each of us needs calories counter not just for our weight loss of goals but also for overall health.


If you love to be challenged, then Fitocracy is for you.  This application is a social game that swapping advice and information with other players (dieters). You can proceed to the next level by earning some points.


One of the highest rated fitness apps, Endomondo keeps you track on your outdoor sport activities. Information includes duration, speed, distance, and calories.

Lose It!

One of the best weight loss apps, lose it tracks your calories and exercise and gives you estimation of your calorie restrictions according to your weight loss goals.

Noom weight loss      

If you find it hard to set weight loss goals for yourself, then download Noom. This Android application allows you to define goals and provides you the tools to that you can stick by. You can track your meals and exercise routines on this.

Best Apps for Weight Loss through Hypnosis

If your idea of weight loss apps is to relieve stress, then you may need this application.

Diet help

Apart from these apps, you can also visit workout websites to get some ideas. It is also best to keep food and exercise diary to keep track of your meals as well as your progress. This way you can stick to your goals as well as compensate your “cheat days.”

Set a resolution to lose those belly fats, find the easy ways to lose belly fat and challenge yourself to lose weight in our 60 days challenge. Let’s all set our sights on throwing those oversize clothing away.
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