Best and Cutest Fashionable Animals to Follow On Instagram


Instagram makes it possible for us to see fashionable pups and kittens that dress better than some humans. Well, actually, they are not just the two of men’s favorite pets, there are a whole lot of best-dressed animals we must follow on Instagram because they are just so adorable, cuddly and fashion forward.

Best dressed animals of Instagram

instagram dog Boo



The cutest puppy in the world definitely knows his style. He got some swag sporting some serious styles in his account. In fact, his closet was recognized by The Covetuer and that alone is a fashion honor.

instagram cat Snoopy

Proving that she is indeed a babe, Snoopy has 300, 000 followers. Well, the Chinese cat’s penchant for statement necklaces must be the reason for her fame. However, we are not discounting her irresistible charm as one of those reasons.

instagram cat Snoopy Tuna



There are reasons why we easily get soft at the sight of the puppies. Puppies are just so cute and Tuna is not an exemption. Had Tuna been human, he would be friends with Justin Timberlake as he loves to sport bowties and tux jacket. Now, we are thinking how sexy that can be. Tuna can be cute and funny at the same time too.

instagram dog Fleayonce



If you are into whimsically eclectic fashion taste, trust Fleayonce to pull it off. This Manhattan-based Yorkie has wardrobe that contains Dionne Warwick in a knotted floral headscarf, in crisp springtime gingham, and others. Fleayonce has her own stylist, owner Sarah Staudinger who made it a point her pet is always classy.

instagram dog Finn



As if having Amanda Seyfried is not hot enough, Finn shows us that he has more than his star status. He loves to sport neck bandanas and fashion headwear you would not definitely miss it. However, amidst all this, Finn is no fame monster.

instagram dog Toast



Toast surely knows how to make up for her lack of teeth and she perfectly made it well. Whether she’s sporting Prabal Gurung sweaters with the Man Repeller or wearing an ensemble which is inspired by the Hollywood movies, Toast never miss the chance to impress.

instagram dog Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle

Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle


These two surely share something in common-fashion. The Wellington, New Zealand Brussels Griffon are not afraid to sport a hipster chic looks that includes a load of flannel shirts, tortoiseshell glasses and knit caps.

instagram dog Trotter



If there is someone who knows shoes, it should be Trotter who grew up with Christian Louboutins on her paws. The self-described fat and sassy animal make sure she’s ready for the lens with her luxurious fashion taste.

instagram dog Remy



Vintage is the name of the game for Remy who is the pet poodle of W Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy. Remy’s taste can be likened to luxurious women of leisure with Hermes scarves, Chanel jackets, and an enviable range of day hats.

instagram dog and dog Miss Zoe and Mr. Bailey

Miss Zoe and Mr. Bailey


With the two of them dressing alike, it is hard to think they are actually different species. They just have a solid fashion bond that is difficult to break.

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