Butter London Color Clash 2013: Pastels and Polyester


Noticeably, the Fall collection highlighted bold and pleasantly surprising color combinations. With this in mind, nail polish is surely not an exception for the eager fashionistas who are always eager to know the most current trend. Chic nail polish for fall in Butter LONDON involves pastel colors and polyester brights.

Butter London _Colour _Clash_ Fall _2013 _Collection

To this, Butter London 2013 Nail Polish collections will never likely to be out of the trend, making them ideal for the following months. Despite the fact that the  Butter London 2013 nail polishes collection is slated for fall, the new collection has remarkable summer vibes that are appropriate for the season. Notably, Butter London 2013 is inspired by the runways.

Butter_London _Color _Clash _2013

Butter London nail polishes suggest breaking free from the usual colors and try any of the brights and whites that are ideally perfect for transitioning fashion for the season.Tagged as the Colour Clash, the collection is purely made for the US market. Enjoy Wellies, Pimms Cake Hole, Giddy Kipper and Silly Billy as part of the vibrantly bright nail polishes.

Butter_London _Color _Clash _2013

The best thing about the Butter London nail colors is that they have definitely live to its word being out of ordinary. The fabulous combo is not your glitter nail polish as it can practically make you smile with their cool colors.

Butter_ London_ Fall _2013_ Collection

You can enjoy the following brights and pastel :

Cake-Hole– Opaque Pink (crème)

Cotton Buds-Opaque White( Crème)

Giddy Kipper– Opaque Indigo Shimmer

Pimms– Opaque Sunflower Yellow (Crème)

Silly Billy-Opaque Fire Orange (Crème)

Wellie-Opaque grass green crème

Butter_ London_ Teddy _Girl

Comparatively, the Cake-Hole is similar to Butter London Teddy Girl. However, the Teddy Girl is lighter in hue with cooler undertones. Applying Teddy Girl works best if you apply it in thin coat. On the other hand, if you haven’t gotten over with Butter london nail polish, then you can still grab them while there are still available. For those who have the guts and character to carry a vampy red color, then butter london la moss will suit you well, full of red wine.  Meanwhile, tone down color of beige, then butter london all hail mcqueen is your best bet. All hail Mcqueen is a holographic beige nail lacquer.

Butter london yummy mummy on the other hand is a medium beige nail polish which is similar to All Hail McQueen. This polish is definitely a stunning color for every skin color, meaning you can pull it off. Some big fans of metallic polish may not be as happy the absence of metallic twist of the Clash Color Collection. Hence, you can take advantage of the previous collection’s Big Smoke Nail Lacquer which is the one of Butter London’s finest. Big Smoke Nail Lacquer is mildly metallic navy blue lacquer perfect for a night out.

Butter_ london _yummy _mummy

If you decided to take a plunge with Butter London’s latest collection, then it can be yours for the price of $15. The collection is already available in the retailer’s website. Are you still in love with neon? Did the latest Butter London Collection caught your attention?


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