Cheating Alert: Is your Husband Giving These Signals?


“Is my husband cheating? There are just some unusual things that he do that make me suspicious”

Girls are instinctive. That is why we cannot blame boys if we call us nagger because it is our nature to sometimes over-think and overanalyze. However, this does not mean that we should disregard our suspicion. Studies show that 50% to 60% of married men are engaged to extra marital sex one time or another. Hence, we should make sure our suspicions have basis. Cheating in a relationship is one of the major reasons marriages go down the drain. While most women are suspicious, some are quite oblivious with their husbands’ extramarital affairs that are happening right under their nose. Is your husband cheating on you? He may manifest some of these signs:


His More Conscious of His looks

If your husband is among those “who-the-hell-cares-with-my-looks” guys, then beware when you wake up one day seeing him well groomed. You may think that the god of hygiene must have dropped by your house. However, be wary when your husband took more time than you do when choosing clothes and when he suddenly changed his appearance for no apparent reasons when you used to beg him to improve his Neanderthal (gross) look.

His mobile suddenly turned untouchable

He used to leave his mobile in any place in your house. Yet, his cellphone suddenly became an extension of his life that he does not even let it be out of sight, let alone out of hand. A sign of cheating is he turns offensive once he intrude your privacy even though it wasn’t a big deal before.


He Suddenly Throw Offensive Remarks at you

Because he is guilty of his affair, he will start commenting offensive words when you are around. This will come out as if you force him to do the cheating act. You can catch your husband cheating through his words especially when he starts comparing you to other girls who are sexier and prettier, encouraging you to do something with your ballooning figure.

How to catch him cheating?

If your gut feeling tells you that he is cheating, time for you to act upon your instinct and catch him on the act.

Cheating spouse website will tell you some tactics and tips on spotting a cheater. You can start by checking his mobile with suspicious messages coming from unknown number or from some suspicious code name.


How to catch a cheater?

As cheating spouses website would suggest, watch out for the changes of his work schedules. Check on the number of times that he stayed up late at night in the office, doing “office works”. This change of work schedule may be one all too sudden especially that he hasn’t gotten any promotion. If he works in the office where you can call, call him to be sure. If you feel that your suspicions have basis, catch him in the act. Trail him on random days and see what he is up to.

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Although it is always good to entertain your instinct, be sure however to analyze things thoroughly and avoid jumping to conclusions instantly. Sometimes, divorce is caused  by baseless accusations that turned the relationship cold.

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