Couple Workout Routines: Kick Ass with Your Partner


The couple that works out together stays longer. Shaping up with your lovey dovey can do not just make your life healthier but also boosts your sexual life. So, how’s that for a benefit for couples exercise? We all know what workout programs can do to our health. Consider that double when we do it with our partner. This strenghtens the bond and increase the level of intimacy between couples. Does this motivate you to carry on workout plans with your sweetie? Why not try any of these work out ideas?

Groove your love Away

Sounds cheesy but fun. Hey, every one can do with a step or two. If you are one of those who claim that your feet are all left, then worry not  because that’s what are dance lessons for. The number one dance that most couples sign up today is the adrenaline-pumping zumba. This will target all the muscles in your body as you and your mate shake booties in this enthusiastic dance. You can also sign up for ballroom, modern dancing and hip hop dance lesson. Include this in your workout routines and you become excellent dancers in no time. Shy dancing in the public? Then move around some furnitures and give some space in the living room.  Buy some instructional DVDs and dance your heart out, time to go goofy honey.

Go outdoors

Working out does not always mean hitting the gym. Sometimes, the best workout routines are done outdoors without needing best home exercise equipment. If you enjoy traveling together, plan a road trip date next time. And by road trip date, I mean cycling together and breathe in the fresh air and the beautiful scenery around. If you do not have workout equipment for home then make most of your resources. You can go mountain climbing, hiking or even jogging together. The key towards great workouts is to stay active and enjoy.

Best home gym equipment

If your workout schedule do not meet, then purchase some workout machines for home. This way, you can still workout together without considering the gym schedules. More so, you can cook postworkout food together and do DVD marathon. Classic hitting two birds in a stone, isn’t it? For abs exercise equipment, try purchasing a bag, gloves, medicine ball, kettle ball and weights. You can do boxing at home and can be your outlet for a burnout week. This way, you get to punch him in the face without him getting mad. Haha.

 couples _exercise

If you and your partner hate high intensity workouts, you can still do some routines together such as yoga. On the other hand, for couples best workouts who aren’t meditative, and are easily bored with certain physical workouts, they can vary their workout routines as long as they enjoy doing them together. Guys just need to remember that your workout partner is a girl and that she has different requirement when working out compared to you. Pace each other and give constant feedbacks. This will not just improve your physical health,  but also increase your communication skills. Happy Sweating!

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