Expert Hairstyling Tips at Home


Hairstylists always want to achieve perfection in their masterpiece that is why they constantly develop techniques to provide their customers with the best look. While it pays to visit the salon periodically, there are doable tips you can apply at home. Try these hair-styling tips straight from professional hairstylist that would give oomph and volume to your lifeless dull here.

Giving Volume to your Hair


Achieve that bouncy look that will turn head through boosting your hair and giving it volume. You could do this by using a blower and a round brush to make the hair dry. Section your hair into 2-inch at a time. Start your way to from the roots down to tips. To perfect the look, it will help to use hair care product that are meant to increase your hair’s volume.

Don’t be Stress with Frizz

OMG -frizzy-hair

Frizzy hair signals a bad hair day. Start your day right by keeping static hair away. Use moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner to nourish your hair. For an even lasting look, spray on hairspray then brush your hair into place. Avoid greasy and heavy hair by using a serum that is silicone based. Spread the serum in your hair and concentrate it on the dry parts most especially on your split ends. This provides your hair the desired shine without the extra grease.

Go for a Curl


You do not have to use curling iron to achieve that lovely curls. Pull in some curlers and hit the shower. The moisture will set loose curls. To hold the curls for long, make sure to remove the curlers when your hair is totally dry. Actually you can get the idea from Lady GaGa with the coke can curlers to re-create the look.

Gather your hair in a Ponytail


Prepare three bobby pins and hair elastic. Hook two bobby pins on the hair elastic on both ends to style a perfect pony. Spray your hair some salt water as you brush your hair to the direction where you position your pony. Situate your pony on your desired level to make sure the hair at your nape is not as loose. Smooth out the hair once again and wrap the elastic firmly until its tight and secure a bobby pain to hold the hair. Do away with flyway hair buy spritzing hairspray to finish the look.

Prep your hair for Gorgeous Waves


Use a mixture of leave-in conditioner and mousse to achieve that natural wave. Scrunch the mixture from side to side avoiding your scalp. Start applying it on the mid part of the hair down to the tips. Use a diffuser attachment in your blower and make sure to set it on the medium setting to get the perfect wave. Place the hair strands on the diffuser as you press it on the scalp. Keep your hair roots dry by flipping your head over and back. Comb your hair with your fingers to avoid ruining your curls.
Do not forget to read labels before buying hair products. Consider your hair type and its weaknesses when buying hair care items. You do not have to go to salon to achieve that gorgeous look when you know how to take care of your hair.

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