Fashion Week Fall 2014 Trends and Controversies


While almost everyone is excited with the coming Valentine’s Day, the Fashion world is making a buzz with the fashion week February 2014. This is because the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is not just held in the Lincoln Center but the Fashion week plans to expand. Besides that, the fashion week isn’t just flaunting new trends, it also brings a string of rules and changes which can raise brows from the fashion critics. And if you are wondering what New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 controversies are, read below:

Fashion Week Fall 2014 Trends

As expected, the fashion industry will always feature the latest trends that would create a great impact. And if you haven’t set your style for this year, might as well get inspiration from the Mercedes Benz New York fashion week. While there is a growing concern over clothes that celebrities would only wear for the next 6 months before they even hit the shelves, the bigwigs in the fashion industry don’t mind this and continue to promote their collections.

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New Organization

While we already know that the Lincoln Center is home of the NY Fashion Week, the designers this time are now ready to flaunt their designs all over the metro. There are over 60 runway shows that the Lincoln Center can witness although fashionistas can expect to see a display of styles in different places. Some of these places include Brookyln and 50 Varick Street where top designers like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Diane von Furstenberg, 13-17 Laight Street – Zac Posen, Dia Center (535 West 22nd Street) – Vera Wang, Industria Superstudio (775 Washington Street) – Altuzzara, 23 Wall Street – Donna Karan, Duggal Greenhouse (63 Ship Ways Avenue) – Alexander Wang.  However, the negative side for the press, there will be a lot  more running around the cities to cover in one sitting.


Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

Marc Jacobs’ show was more than a shock as a massive lightning storm struck the Manhattan where the streets were almost flooded. This delivered an apocalyptic atmosphere with the oppressive the armory with sewer pipes, busted up RV that complemented the road-looking catwalk hovering above the ottoman rugs. He combined lacy Victorian blouses with heavily embroidered jackets with dressed-up board shorts and floral slides or a chance of sneakers. The combination was pulled together by such inimitable confidence. The gothic and sporty appearance was seamlessly oversized florals in the same silhouettes.


Calvin Klein Fashion Shows

Ten years after Francisco Costa assumed the designing task at Calvin Klein, he was able to build on Klein’s original aim of sharpness, sexiness, and modernity. Yet, he was able to mix this with his own style and love of art. For spring, there was an air of silhouettes that gave the body a space to move. Costa played with cream skirt and dress, carpenter tabs and stiff hems on pants and sheer panels on an ivory sweater. He also retained the brand’s love for texture as Costa crossed patterns on dress, skirts and sleeveless shells.


Ralph Lauren Fashion Show

Black and white have a great counterpoint to the reflective in the runway as well florals, men’s checkered and tiny-checked mini dress that looked young, fun and fresh. Ralph didn’t introduce any color until the later part with bright hues of green, orange, red, pink, yellow and others with so bright nearing neon. When it comes to matching bags, he was able to set it against sunnies and black shoes.

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New Legislation for Underage Models

Meanwhile, one of the most controversial changes at the NYFW 2014 included the newly submitted law that set new rules for models under the age of 18, the same with the regulations for child performers. All underage models will have work permits and 15% of each fee will go into a trust fund that they will access until they turn 18. Their schedules will be regulated to allow long breaks.