Fit is the New Thin


With the supermodels strutting around their skinny limbs in the runways, it seems that everyone is starting to believe that being thin is sexy. This is why some girls go to the extent of starving themselves believing that they could be sexy with being skinny. Some even developed eating disorder such as bolemia and anorexia because of this thinking.


With respect to thin people, health and thin don’t always follow.  Being thin doesn’t mean you are sexy. Being sexy means being fit-this is what some of the people wanted to campaign.In fact, a photo online was posted saying that “Skinny girls look good with their clothes on while Fit Girls look Good Naked”. Apart from being sexy, being fit also means being sexy. Hence, here are ways to get fit rather than thin:


Diet plan to lose weight

While there are plenty of diets right now that claim to lose weight, you should remember that not all of the diets are appropriate for you. You should check your doctor and ask whether you are allowed to follow the diet. However, there are foods that help boost your weight loss goals. Consume foods that have reduced starches, added sugars and animal fat from meat and dairy products. Focus on fruits and veggies, soy products, fish, shellfish, egg whites, fish and shellfish. To make you feel full, eat vegetables and don’t forget to hydrate.

Don’t Starve Yourself

Here’s the thing, avoid starving yourself. If you want to lose weight the best thing to do is eat healthy and not famished. Many have taken this shorter route to weight loss thinking that this will do them any good. However, this will just aggravate their health.

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Best workout to lose fat for women

If you want to be fit, diet alone will not suffice; you should pair it with exercise. A healthy exercise to lose weight may include jogging, walking or strolling. You can combine cardio and strength training to achieve your goals. To make workouts a lot more fun and inspiring, join in a group or ask some friends to join you in your routine. The reason people give up on their workout is that they find it boring or that they are injured. You can shun away from boredom and prevent injury if you enroll in classes. You can also engage in outdoor activities since they prove to be great in getting fit.


Embrace a healthy lifestyle

Apart from diet and exercise, embracing a healthy lifestyle helps in getting fit. If you want to be healthy, you should stay away from booze and cigar. These vices will not give you any benefits but just ruin your health instead. Remember that getting fit is a way of life, it is not an overnight job.

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love your body

Love Your Body

This may sound cheesy but we always think that we aren’t good for ourselves, hence, we always desire the body of others. While it is good to be fit, embracing and accepting is a big help. It allows you to assess how far you need to strive to be fit. Remember, being thin doesn’t mean not healthy or being big doesn’t always mean you are not fit.


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