Former Victoria Secret Model Kylie Bisutti: I felt Like A Piece Of Meat


Victoria's-SecretIf you would be given the chance to be one of those ethereal, beautiful and stunning Victoria Secret Angels, what are you willing to do? Perhaps some of you would not mind posing provocatively for a magazine or can even go extra mile and pose in their birthday suit. Let us admit it. Once in our life we dreamed to be one of those Angels whose bodies and faces are worth a million of dollar contract. However, not all of us felt the same way when it comes to posing provocatively in a magazine as former Victoria Secret Angel Kylie Bisutti recalled her memories as an Angel feeling that “she was a piece of meat” during a pictorial.


Model Kylie Bisutti won in the Victoria’s Secret Angel Search in 2009. She has now lived a quite life at Montana after clipping her wings. It can be recalled that Kylie announced her resignation on February 2012 saying that she would preserve her body for her husband. Her resignation was due to her religious beliefs that conflicts her role as a Victoria Secret Angel. In her book entitled “ I am No Angel”, she recalled a pictorial where she laid in bed in little clothing while her photographer coaxed her provocatively.

That’s when it hit her that it she was no longer endorsing her clothing anymore but rather her body to seduce men. The day after, she broke down and cry asking God why did she have to win if things went that way. She felt that she was not honoring her husband and she wanted answers. The Former Model Kylie Bisutti Slams Victoria’s Secret: ‘I Felt Like a Piece of Meat’ statement which has generated varying response from the mass.

Kylie realized that she does not want to model anything that sells sex. She noticed tweets from women comparing themselves to the image of the models and realized her career was sending a bad message to the women about confidence and body image.

On Victoria Secret side, the company retaliate saying that Kylie is doing fabrication of statements saying that Kylie was never an Angel. If the definition of Victoria Secret Angel would be referred to, Kylie’s short association with the company could not qualify her as an Angel.

Kylie just won an online competition and participated in a swim photo shoot and was not offered any subsequent modeling contract.

Her book “ I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model” would be released in May 14 to tell her story. She now models a Christian Model line where the clothes are modest and modeled by women from all sizes.

Although Kylie’s right is not compromising with her religion and standing firm in her belief, I cannot help but wonder why she was not able to realize the consequences of her joining the contest. I appreciate her firm principles but things would have not been that way if in the first place she did not joined the competition, would it? Was she not aware of the fashion industry? Victoria Secret is known in creating sexy and seductive lingerie, thus it is expected from the models to do their part and pose seductively. I wonder what was Kylie expecting in a Men’s Magazine photo shoot by the way?

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