Get Inked with these Cool Tattoo Designs for Girls


Getting inked is one way of expressing yourself. Back then, tattoos were designed for tribal members. Today, tattoos are inked for art’s sake. Tattoos are seen as body art that is why majority of people today either have tattoos already or wanted to get one. Additionally, the penchant of the famous celebrities with tattoos make getting inked more appealing than they already are. Since tattoos can be permanent, it is best to choose the designs that are worth etching in your skin. You may be one of those who are forced to endure tattoos scars because of unbecoming designs. Hence, you may be inspired to get someTattoo Ideas from these celebrities:

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Coordinates ala Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt’s lady love invokes such as badass and sexy aura not just because of her famous pout but also because of her inks. If you’re Tom Raider wannabee, then you may want to mimic her tattoos which include the coordinates of her children’s birthday. Accordingly, this tattoo was done to cover up the marks left by her second husband’s name on her upper arm. For inspiration, you can have the same tattoos, but with the coordinates of your birthplace or the place that you find the most memorable.

RiRi’s Egyptian Goddess

The “Stay” actress has been one of those female celebrities who have tad too many tattoos on their skin. RiRi got herself a Sanskrit Prayer, a Pisces sign, a tribal tattoo on her hand, a flower, gun, birthdates of her best friend and her manager. She has also phrases inked on her skin such as “Never a Failure, Always Less”, “Thug Life”. She recently had an inked of Egpyt’s Goddess right below her bust. This is her tribute to her late grandmother. Surprisingly, her tattoo on her finger tattoo is one of the most copied. The tattoo in her finger ring says “Shhh” that is only revealed when you hold your finger to your lips to hush someone.

If you are not well settled their tattoos, then you can try those famous tattoos for girls. Floral, traditional Japanese, characters and tribal tattoos are few of the most prominent designs that you can try on. If you wanted to go overt with your ink, then you can have any of these intricately tattoo designs. Classic Japanese tattoos include koi fish, dragons and intricate floral designs. Just remember to cleverly choose the place the tattoos though for more effective impact.

Getting characters as your tattoos can be fun. However, unlike any other designs, they can get easily outdated especially if it is a character of hit TV shows or series. To be safe, you can choose timeless characters that almost everyone recognizes. A good idea is to have fairies and goddesses as tattoos. This idea will make the whole concept more feminine.

On the other hand, if you wanted to be creative, you can opt to have your favorite mottos, phrases and quotation to be permanently inked in your skin. Sayings are timeless which assure you that you will never be outdated. For cooler tattoo ideas, you can also go for the impressive and beautifully crafted 3D tattoos. Just make sure to choose the right tattoo artist though to get impressive results.

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