Get Real: Setting Weight Loss Goals


How many times have you had a yoyo diet where your gains and looses weight drastically? Remember that not all weight loss is healthy. Hence, it is important to set weight loss goals that are achievable and realistic. When setting goals for weight loss, here are some tips:

Weight loss tips

When setting goals, weight loss should be specific. You must set yourself certain weight loss goals that include lowering the body fat by 10 percent. It should also be realistic which means that you should know your body. If you already have a negative body image, you may think that you ought to lose more weight than would be healthy for you. Far more so, you may be hard in yourself once you didn’t lose weight. Having a realistic body image can help you reach the ideal weight. You should also set strict deadlines.

Give Time

When losing weight, you should know that effective weight loss takes time. Rapid loss weight isn’t healthy at all. Far more so, it can be an indication of an existing health condition. Never plan to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, very unrealistic. Do not trust your health with diet products and fad diets that claimed a “size 20 to a size 6” instantly. Besides, rapid weight loss can put a strain on your body. In the process, you will tend to compensate by overindulging and eating too much. If you plan to lose 50 pounds, it would be a 1.5 pounds per week is a healthy weight loss. This means that you would reach your goal in 8 months. You may have thought that 8 months is long, but the thing is, a slow but steady race surely wins.

Track Your Progress

You should check that your current weight is akin to your weight loss goal. Your current weight and your weight loss goal can influence the number of pounds that you lose each month. Generally, the lower the starting weight, the less ambitious you are in your weight loss. To help you stick to your goals, you should re-evaluate your current weight and the number of pounds you have to lose. You can also keep a food journal to track your food intake as well as the calories consumed. This way, you would realize how much calories you have to consume to reach your goals.

Set Life Goals                                                                                                                                   

Losing weight isn’t a temporal event. Losing weight isn’t just about counting the calories nor shedding off fats through intense exercise. It is easy to count your calorie intake but changing your eating habits is quite hard. You should also address your eating habits as part of your weight loss goals.



Be Smart

It is not enough that you reach your recommended calorie intake per day, you should also be a smart eater. You should know which foods will be good source of the nutrients that your body needs. More so, you must know the adverse effect when cutting short your weight loss goals.

Fitness Tips

When working out, avoid over-exhausting yourself as this would rather impede your weight loss goals than facilitate it. Hence, choose a proper workout routine ideal for your body needs.

Do you still have doubts? It’s not impossible! With hard work, iron-clad commitment, this will work for you. If you are serious about getting totally ripped take action TODAY!

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