Healthy Snacks You Should Munch at Night


Feeling wicked sneaking up on the fridge and munching on some food for late snack at night? Don’t be. You can eat your late night snacks without guilt by eating healthy diet foods that will not raise much of weight loss concern the morning after. Getting hungry at night may be due to different reasons. It could be that you are thirsty, bored, suffer for low salt or sugar or you lack protein in your body. Either way, you need to satiate your hunger with these 10 healthiest snacks.

Cereal with Milk

Cereal is good for your heart. It is rich in fiber that keeps you full until morning. When mixing it milk, make sure that it is low fat though. Milk will provide you with protein, Vitamin D and of course calcium.

Multigrain Goods

Pretzels are good substitute to chips whether they come twisted or in stick. A handful of pretzels contain only a hundred calories. For a yummy taste, dip them in yogurt.

Whole grain Crackers

Crackers contain protein that will make you keep full until the morning. Eat your crackers with some spread such as low-fat cheese. You can also have it with hummus or lean meat in this slice. You can choose low-fat rye mini toasts for your crackers.

Cheese Quesadilla

Are you looking for night snack ideas? Then why not try eating cheese quesadilla? This delectable snack requires minimal preparation. You need to sprinkle the cheese between tortillas then fry or grill them. The best cheese contains 3 to 5 grams of fat per ounce.


Pop Corn

Skip the microwave and try to air-pop it on your own. Select 100-calorie packs of 94%
popcorn fat free microwave-able popcorn. Add cayenne powder to spice up your taste or for cinnamon powder for sweetness.

Dark Chocolates

Delicious healthy snacks do not always mean being eating boring foods as veggies and fruits. The darker the chocolate is, the healthier. It contains antioxidant good for your heart.

Fruits Festival

Fruits are always nutritious food that is why healthy midnight snack ideas are not complete without fruits. You can munch on your low-fat cottage cheese with protein enrich fruit. Just combine the two ingredients in the bowl and eat it healthily.


Turning it into smoothies is also a good idea. You can mix smoothie with low fat milk yogurt and kefir for fast digestion. Greek yogurt can also become a good healthy night snack. Greek yogurt has protein. It is also low in carbs.

Ice cream in smoothies
If you are craving for ice cream that you cannot buy during the lazy day, the you can pour in your smoothies over the yogurt cubes. Freeze the smoothie and wait until it gets slushy.

Dried figs

Eating this candyish edible fruit is mouthwatering. Just don’t forget to pair them with your cottage cheese for delicious night.

One of the best ways to avoid eating junk foods is to prepare your midnight snack ahead. Prepare in advance so that when your stomach feels the pang, you immediately grab the healthy snack in the fridge.

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