Hottest Fall 2014 Jewelry Trends


Jewelry trends change easily per season that is why if you want to be in vogue, you must be in sync with the latest and hottest jewelry trends 2014. Below is a quick rundown of latest accessories trends that you can add in your collection:



Dangling earrings are still hot this fall. Apart from that, large and geometrical earrings are also trendy with Veronique Leroy’s charm earring and sparkling Celine single earring making great choices. These dangly earrings give a whimsical look while getting the right attention.



Are you looking for a conversation-starter neckpiece? You will surely gain instant girl friends with Chanel’s padlock necklace. This comes with long layers of chain and oversized padlock charm, making a chic and edgy statement that flatters girls with smaller frames. Apart from that, another piece that is worthy to be added to your collection is this brightly-colored, crystal floral necklace by Dolce & Gabbana. Apart from that, another hot jewelry for this season includes leather with fur, crystal chokers, and metals. This comes with gold and brass that looks as though it is making a comeback. Meanwhile, if you are into bold looks, you can try the bandana necklace from fine metal thread, knitted that takes the shape of the bandana. Additionally, you can also sport a gem-drenched bib necklace that creates a dripping with jewels look, all in cascading piece.

Betsey Johnson – “The Eyes Have It” Eyes and Lips Necklace, $145.00

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When it comes to fashion rings for women, multi-rings and triple rings are the newest trends. The multi-ring concept demonstrates single rings on each finger while the triple-ring design is one ring with three stones in varied sizes and colors which is also referred as triptyque. You can either sport these fashion rings to flatter your outfit or add some embellishments to your hands.

Women’s vintage art deco 14k gold plated ring black onyx gemstone jewelry, $99.00

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Another trendy accessories that you should pay attention to is an eye candy Fronay’s royal cuff bangle that is a perfect choice if you are into diamonds for the season. Meanwhile, plenty of fall bracelet designs use leather with fur and crystals. This means you can’t go wrong with any of your bracelet choice.

Passiana – Huge Gold Buckle Bangle Bracelet, $99.00

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Explore a new style

It is quite obvious that the fall 2014 accessory trends are on the bolder and head-turning designs. It is all about humungous sizes, irregular shapes and bright and bold colors. Meanwhile, if you think that belly button piercings are the trend, you can lead try your own style by using a watch belt by Chanel. You can also coordinate your outfits and accessories by Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga unique collections that are making their fall debut. You can also pick a piece of uses any of the season’s most popular materials such as fur, crystals, leather, metals, stones or gems. However, finding the right jewelry doesn’t rely on your outfit alone. It is also about carrying the right attitude and conveying how you feel. While other are too big, too bold or too bright, you can turn to these trends for reference but always make sure to incorporate your own style.