How To Become Gorgeous With Lashem Products


With a wide range of eye makeup available in the market, it would be very hard to choose which ones deserve to be added to your beauty arsenal. Hence, in my mission to give you dear readers the best of both worlds, I have been trying some products on eyes. This is to give you an overview on what to expect from some of the leading brands in the eye makeup department.

Few of the products that I have tried came from LasheM. This label claims that their products make their users’ lashes look natural. Their lash growth serum and mascara give your lashes fuller and plumper look.eyelash-brow-nehancing-serumLasheM lash enhancing serum, $29.46

This serum doesn’t just work on your lashes, it also works on your brows too. Compared to other lash growth serums that just coat your lashes, this serum comes with oligo-polypeptides infusing the lashes with powerful active ingredients. Its fortifying formula continues to work after the application.

Its ingredients include a green tea, cucumber, goji berry and grape-seed extracts for glossy and healthy lashes. I love to apply this serum especially during the rush hours when I don’t have the time to apply complicated makeup. This is because it makes my lashes look fuller and stunning. Accordingly, it can take at least 4 to 6 weeks to see the difference, I can already see how lovely my lashes are at the first application.

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LasheM Colour Strokes Liquid Eyeliner, $34.45

I am quite picky when it comes to liquid eyeliner since I have had my own share of heart-breaking stories about flaky eyeliners or eyeliners that don’t last through the day. But the LasheM Liquid Eyeliner put my faith back on liquid eyeliner one more time. The wand is perfect making your application easier. The bottle comes with a filter to make sure that you apply the right amount of liquid liner on the brush. Now, for the great part, besides the amazing wand and cool bottle, I was excited to know that the liquid eyeliner is infused with the LasheM’s lash enhancing serum. This means that you are making your lashes prettier and healthier in the long run.

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Lashem 3-In-1 Eye Bright, $ 16.45

This one may not be the first thing that you will grab if you want immediate result. However, it surely delivers in the long run. After the first application, I haven’t felt any difference at all. Because don’t have puffy eyes, but I do have dark circles sometimes after a girls night out or unless I cry a lot for a new shoes LOL.
I’ve been using this one for about 3 weeks now and am really liking it. It TRULY BRIGHTENS!!!!

The product is supposed to rejuvenate and depuff the eye bags but I didn’t see any result. However, after few application, I can tell that my under eyes have significantly become brighter and lighter. The cream has gel-like consistency which is easily absorbed by the eyes. More so, the cream comes with a pump, making it more hygienic. Ooh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I’m obsessed!!!

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Picture Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Cream

LASHEM Picture Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Cream is a simple and effective addition to your skin care arsenal, if you are looking for an anti wrinkle product. This anti aging skin care product is great for instantly removing wrinkles and giving you that smooth picture perfect look.

I noticed that shortly after applying it the skin under my eyes appeared more supple and youthful. I love this wonderful product, help your tired eyes to look bright and alive again. So this one absolutely will stay with me!!! Bye-Bye Wrinkles, Hello Beautiful!!!

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Lashem Magic Touch Eye Enhancing Wand, $80.00

If you are cursed with dark circles around the eyes, you would be much doubtful with products that claim to make your eyes brighter. However, this eye roller makes me more relaxed and younger looking. It makes my under eyes look firm and smooth. Apart from the visible difference, it is also said to boost collage and elastin production, making the skin look suppler.


Lashem Heated Eyelash Curler, $20

You might have heard one of the beauty hacks, which is blasting your hair dryer to your eyelash curler for an added effect. Well, if you don’t have your dryer with you, this heated eye lash curler might come in handy. It accentuates your lashes and feature curl-holding technology, heating up quickly for that perfect pair of eye lashes.

Taking care of your peepers has never been easier with this cool beauty products that you should add in your beauty arsenal.


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