How to Choose a Girl’s Engagement Ring


Looking for the perfect engagement ring is just too overwhelming. After all, it is a sign that you are ready to take the next level of your relationship. There is a lot pressure involve in choosing the perfect ring among the many of the engagement rings since your fiancee will definitely brag her ring to her friends and family. If you really think you have met the one, here are some of the tips in choosing the ideal engagement ring sets for your lovely girl.


Find Out Her Ring Size

Whether you prefer  the traditional diamond engagement rings or the gold ones, many of the men screw their plans when it comes to choosing the right sized engagement ring. You don’t want to feel that awkward moment when your girlfriend say yes and you just cannot slip the ring into her finger, do you? If you happen to get the wrong size, take the ring to the jewelry for them to make some adjustments.  However, it is still best that you can save yourself from the embarrassment and awkwardness if you get the right size. To do this, sneak up a ring that she is not wearing and bring it to the jeweler. If you plan to have a surprise proposal, make sure that you are sneaky on this.

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Consider The Shape of Her Hand

Even if you prefer  gold engagement ringsyou must consider her hand shape. Short fingers will flatter stones in pear, marquise and oval cuts. You should shun away from rings with wider bands since it can make your fingers shorter. Women with longer fingers are best with square-shaped tones such as radiant and princess cuts to give the illusion of shorter fingers. Women with large hands are perfect with round cut and heart cut stones. These two would flatter their fingers without making their fingers looking over sized.


 Go for the right Engagement Ring Band

You can choose from  rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum. Each of these metals have their own benefits. Platinum is durable but it dulls  more quickly than gold making it harder to bring back  its usual shine. Whole gold is shinier than platinum, it is actually easier to buff and polish to make the ring shiny again. Although you are worried about the durability and luster of the rings, you must remember that your girl focuses on the aesthetic of the ring compared to its quality. Hence, silver engagement rings are more popular and more favored among the girls.


Ask for Professional Opinion

You can ask a jeweler’s  advice on your ideal engagement ring that will flatter your hand to fit your hand. If you are still looking for an engagement ring, make an appointment with a jeweler to ask some advice. He will also give you the idea of the perfect price range, the perfect style and cut for engagement ring. Since your future wife will wear your engagement ring for so long, it is best that you pay attention details to get her sweet “Yes.

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