How to Do Bubble Ponytail


We first fell in love with the long bubble ponytail hairstyles on Valentino runway. Since then, we have been seeing different version of this chic and trendy hairstyle even on the street. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies whose shorter or really long hair, there’s a look or every one. If you are bored with your usual ponytail and bun or low chignon doesn’t just give the edge that you wanted, you can keep your locks away from your face with this hairstyle.

At first glance, the spherical series of hair of long bubble ponytail may look intimidating but this hairstyle is actually to pull off anyone can practically do it. Regardless of the season, a beautifully-crafted, bouncy blowdry can give a girl’s hair the boost that it needs.

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Start doing magic to your hair by grabbing the beauty products for the bubble ponytail. Here, I offer how-to deets to recreating this funky bubble pony that was seen on Valentino runway.

Here is what you need:

  • Blow dryer
  • Small elastics rubber bands
  • Paddle brush
  • Smoothing balm
  • Texturizing paste
  • Light-hold hair spray

How to style a bubble ponytail:

Prepare your hair by brushing or combing it using a paddle brush. Apply the smoothing balm if your hair is on the curly or wavy side. If you have straight hair, use texturizing paste. Use the blow dryer and paddle brush to blow your hair out straight. This will give volume to your hair. Remember that the frizzier, curlier or thicker the hair, the better. Long bubble ponytail is all about volume.

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Next, create a center part and smooth hair into a low or high ponytail. It’s up to you how you want to style it.  Sweep all of your hair back in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck; secure tightly with an elastic to keep it anchored. If you have bangs, let it loose or sweep them back along with your locks. Spritz your hair with a light-hold hair spray. If your locks have plenty of natural texture, style as usual. However, if it is not, add volume and texture to your hair by teasing your ponytail gently using paddle brush. This will create an extra lift.

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Place small rubber bands all the way down your ponytail with the same distant intervals. Add as many as you want. Tug your hair outward gently between every two bands. This will create a spherical shape for your bubbles. If your hair isn’t showing enough volume, try teasing out the bubbles a little more.

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The long bubble ponytail hairstyles are youthful and work well with all hair types. You can experiment with your hairstyle by including as many bubbles in your locks as you want. The rule of thumb says that the longer your hair, the more bubbles it can accommodate. This hairstyle can also trick everyone and letting them believe you have longer hair. This hairstyle is perfect for thick hair since the bubble ponytail is all about volume and bounce. Besides that, the bubble hairstyle is also versatile in which you can sport this on your laid back days and even on a hot night-out. This hairstyle gives a retro and whimsical look that is just very feminine you might want to try.

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