How to Get Lean Muscles Without looking Masculine


Getting toned is one of women’s goals in their workout. Ask random trainers out there and they will ask you that getting lean muscles is what most of their clients wanted to achieve. We are so conscious of our flabby arms and love handles that getting toned seems to be the only solutions (let’s not consider getting through the knife, shall we?). If you wanted to achieve the same goals like most of us do, here are some workout plans to get the lean and sexy.

How to build muscle for women

When stretching your muscles, make sure that you are using a foam roller to stretch your myofascia apart from loosening your ligaments and tendons. This also enables muscles to be covered in place. More so, when myofascia are compact and tight, muscles also do the same. This provides your muscles space to build and take a longer and leaner form.


How to build lean muscle

When going through workout for long lean muscles, it is best to mix flexibility exercises and weight lifting. This makes your muscles grow naturally without risking being bulky. Many women are afraid to do heavy lifts because of the myth that they will all go brawny and masculine for their figure. However, the truth is, men have loads of testosterone compared to us women that is why they are bulkier when heavy lifting. More so, they also take food supplements to become Mr. Muscles. What makes weight lifting good is that it is an anaerobic exercise where your muscles still work even while you are at rest.


Resistance trainings

If you aren’t convinced to include resistance training in your muscle building workouts, then consider its benefits. Resistance trainings improve muscles strength and tone, it manages weight, prevents and controls pain, diabetes, cardiac diseases and arthritis, improve posture, mobility and balance. It also boosts bone density and strength, metabolism, self esteem and improves sleep patterns.


Cardio Exercises

While cardio exercises are good in lean muscle workout training, you should limit yourself in doing this. Accordingly, 45 minutes cardio is  beyond normal for a person that when she goes beyond that time, she becomes catabolic. This means that your workout consumes your muscles rather than your fat storage and the food you’ve eaten. This lowers your metabolism, making you fatter. Catabolism also takes place in starvation.  This is because we tend to relapse especially if we cannot take the hunger anymore.

Watch your diet

We are led to believe that starvation can give us our desired body. However, in reality this just leads us to another failure. Hence, it is important to watch our diet. Generally, as guidelines of our calorie intake, it should be bodyweight multiplied by ten to twelve. Knowing your average calorie intake enables you to eat smart and right. You can also start dropping carbohydrates when under lean muscles training. You don’t need to make this change sudden as your body may be shocked to such change. Introduce or eliminate food wisely in your digestive system for a smooth transition.

If  you intend to achieve a toned and lean body, you should focus on your nutrition apart from your intense workout. What purpose there is if you hunger yourself during workout? You are just courting health problems and relapse for that matter.

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