How to Keep A Man: Dating Tips and Relationship Advice


Men, unlike women, are known to be silent while hiding their feelings. They are usually observant during first dates. However, their silence does not mean they approve you and would want to date you again. The next thing you know, is that your prospect guy ditched you in favor of your not-so-hot friend. With this I can say that it is about time to update your dating skill else you’ll be doomed to be forever alone. Forget the fact that you are hot, because after all, it is just not all about physical attraction honey.

Relationship advice for women         

If you want to build a lasting relationship with your guy, you ought to know woman habits that men cannot just stand.  One of those annoying habits is our constant complaining which boils down to impatience. Men get would inevitably be exasperated with that kind of attitude.

While this attitude pisses men off, nothing beats the “I’m fine” and the “Nothing” words. This is one thing men hate. Not all men can get what you want to say and what you are feeling. Men usually take words at a value and when you say you are fine, they would think you are. So as part of dating relationship advice, when your man asks you how you are feeling, tell him straight. They are not as keen as reading signals as you are.

Women men cant stand-Being shallow

Men do not really appreciate shallow women who only focus on petty things. While they would listen to your woes, not all of them would appreciate your whining. This is one of the annoying thing guys cant stand. Men are more attracted to independent women who make her own decision. They do not want women to be so dependent on them, it would make them feel choked. More so, men do not appreciate mean girls who love thrash talking.

Things guys hate– Nagging

All of them would agree that they find nagging women annoying. Men do not want to be constantly checked out. While few phone calls and text messages are kinda sweet, constant texting like asking him his whereabouts would  really annoy them. This is true especially that you are still in a dating stage. So take this as one of those treasured dating tips. Wait for him to call you, never be the one to initiate a call.


Dating tips for women

We sometimes have the feeling that the one we are dating is Mr. Right that we cannot help but get so excited. However, being too eager may preempt of a supposed to be relationship. Men are born hunters and wanted the chase. Present him that you are a prey and do not easily give in. While men wanted you to come over to his place after a first date (and as much as you would want to), never go with him. If you want a serious relationship, hooking up in a first date would make you an easy lay. Besides, he would think that you might have probably did the same with your previous dates.


Relationship Tips

Once you are in the relationship, the flirting does not end. To make your relationship grow fonder and stronger, always excite him. And the best flirting tips? Surprise him and make him always wonder. Be mysterious and keep a part of yourself hidden. This way, he would always be thrilled in exploring you.

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