How to Look Pretty Without Applying Makeup


It is a fact that some of us girls would be coward enough to go outside the house without full makeup. While natural beauty exists, it is hard for some of us to rely on it on daily basis. However, looking beautiful and glam without the help of cosmetics is achievable. You can prove its wonders when you go to school barefaced. Here are some beauty tips:

How to Look Pretty Without Makeup

We all know how far flawless and glowing skin can go. A haggrd person hides her stress through makeup yet her fatigue really shows. Hence, no one is more beautiful than a well rested person that is why you should make sleeping a priority. Sleeping minimize the dark circles around your eyes, making you blooming and prettier. Apart from that, you should always follow a healthy skin care regimen to take out those grime and dirt accumulated by our daily activities. It is best to cleanse daily for glowing skin. Don’t forget to observe the proper diet that will enhance your natural beauty

To nurture your skin and protect it from the harmful damage of the sun, make sunscreen application your habit. Doing so will keep your skin from aging prematurely.

How to look pretty without makeup for school

You can still be Pretty Without Makeup when going to school if you know how to play with your assets. Let your features be enhanced such as your fine brows. If you have nicely shaped brows, avoid overplucking them. If you have beautiful tresses, take care of it. Grooming matters towards becoming beautiful.

Let Your Style Show

Even without makeup, you can still get the attention of that boy you have a crush on through your personal style. Let the natural fashionista shine in you and wear things fashionably. You don’t have to be fashionably loud or be trendy. You just need to wear the clothes that complement you as well as highlight your assets. You can never go wrong with style and beauty. I tell you.

style and beauty

Wear Confidence

If you wanted to look beautiful sans the makeup, you should first believe that you are really beautiful. Beauty radiates from within and being confident with your own beauty mirrors your

action and how you carry yourself. How can people see your beauty if you cannot see it on your own? Smile and believe that you are one beautiful lady.

Natural makeup tips

When it comes to using makeup, full makeup isn’t always necessary. As seen in this Spring 2014, many designers opted for minimalist makeup look. You too can get inspiration from the au natural beauty. Remember, less is more. When applying makeup, choose one feature in your face that you wanted to highlight. If you wanted to highlight your peepers, you should go less with the other areas in your face. This way, you will not look cluttered and overly done.

Being beautiful doesn’t always mean being made up. It is on how you carry yourself that you become beautiful in the eyes of the others. Stand up straight, smile and believe in your beauty.

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