How To Style Your Hair Without Any Tools


We have become so independent with hair styling tools that we seem to forget we can come up with wonderful hairstyles without them. The right hair products and techniques can give you the straight or curly texture without the use of iron or curler. You can even have your hair crimped without any damage.


How to Straighten Your Hair without Heat

Once you have given up with your flat iron, you must know how to choose the best hair styling products to protect your hair and straighten them too. Aside from these styling products, the right anti-frizz serum formulated for straight hair ensures that your hair is free from tangle. Brush your hair using a flat paddle brush after applying the serum. You can do so simultaneously with your hair dryer set up on the cold setting or you can have your hair dried naturally.

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No Heat Curlers        

Amazingly, curlers can be used to make your hair straight while you dry it. You can do so by using magnetic rulers that must be thick. Go for soda-can sized curlers and wrap your hair under the curlers. Make sure that you use them symmetrically to get a more even finish. Besides that, you also need a setting foam that fights frizz and dries your hair straight. Don’t forget to only remove the curlers once your hair is perfectly dry.

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How to Curl Your Hair without Heat

You can forget about your hair curling tool once you know a trick or two of curling your hair without the heat. You can use long cotton strips or a sock. You can try using your old t-shirt. Cut your shirt to a width of 1 inch for small curls or 3 inches for bigger curls. Roll the section of your hair over and around the strips, from ends to the roots. Once you reach your scalp, tie the ends of the fabric. This method is effective for your wet and freshly washed hair.

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Meanwhile, if you run out of time to wash your hair, you can benefit from the sock method. Start with making a high ponytail and spritz your hair with water. Take a sock donut and put your ponytail through it. Wrap your hair around the sock and tuck the ends under. Keep rolling until you reach your scalp. Let the bun Beach Curls sit for few hours to get well defined curls.

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Style Waves Without Heat

CurlsBraiding for Curls or Beach Waves

If you want to get beach waves or tight curls in time for summer without using heat tools, all you have to do is braid your hair. Braiding adds a little texture to your hair. Try separating your hair into sections and braid them tighter if you want to have curls. For beach waves, add a texturizing paste to your hair and secure your hair in a messy bun for few hours.

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How to Crimp Your Hair Without Heat

If you want to embrace your inner hippie this summer, braid is the answer. Get the crimped hair look without using any styling tools. Let your hair dry for 30 minutes and start braiding it into thin and tight braids. Leave it overnight and untangle your braids after.

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