How to Wear Your Over the Knee Boots this Fall


Since the over the knee womens boots entered the fashion scene, many a women were so confused as to how to stylishly wear them. Some have attempted successfully while others ditched even the idea of wearing it. Although this footwear is hot on the runway, this is actually made famous by Julia Roberts in her movie, “Pretty Woman”.

Although many women swore they would never dare try to wear this kind of boots, many are glad for the warmth it brings. Apart from its warmth, it also creates the sexy look, the one that adds mystery to your personality. The only problem is that some girls what works best on this footwear. Alternately, it could be that they have chosen the wrong attire for the boots. Instead of shunning away from designer over the knee boots, why not take an inspiration from below on wearing over the knee boots? Here are some ideas:

How to wear over the knee boots

As the chill signals the fall season, wearing over the knee boots is just appropriate to provide you warmth for the season. For your daily wear, use over the knee riding boots women. You can go for the stiletto styles for a sexy and sassy look. However, this can be a source of discomfort that over the knee flat boots can work just fine.

If you are not much of a fun of stilettos, you can always go for high heel over the knee boots in chunky and square version. This style is versatile enough for your day strolling or even night date. You can always swap leggings over your miniskirt to complement your boots.

Sticking to Black

Black over the knee boots is always classy. It is wise to stick on this color. However, if you are feeling a bit conservative, you can opt for color brown. However, bear in mind that brown is a lot pricier than black. On the other hand, if you don’t want to get much attention, you can stick to suede over the knee boots over the leather one. Suede is just sleek as well as versatile.

What to wear with over the knee boots

After choosing what type of over the knee boots you should wear, then it is time for you to choose the kind of clothes that would complement your boots.

Over the Knee Boots in Jeans

Jeans under the over the knee boots is probably the most favorite and safest getup you can pull together.  This attire is quite better for the conservatives since it covers your legs. However, you should go for skinny jeans for this kind of look or look for wider leg boots. For a twist of surprise, pair your jeans with a crisp blouse or form-fitting one.

Over the knee boots in Skirts

For a sexier and bolder Fall season, pair your over the knee boots with skirts that are thigh length. Wearing a panty hose fires up your attire as this adds a sexy image. Since panty hose is slippery, over the knee boots are okay with them. Just make sure that your skirt is flowing than fitting to avoid negative connotations on your attire.


Over the knee boots are daring trends that you should not shun away from. Instead, take this as a challenge and let those people see the beauty of wearing this footwear. Do not be afraid. Wear them boots like a real fashionista.
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