JLo celebrates Love with her 20th Scent


20 is quite a milestone for a celebrity perfume, at least, that is the case for Jennifer Lopez Fragrance. This is why the Puerto Rican singer opted to name her 20th fragrance after her name, JLove. Jennifer Lopez Perfumes debuted on 2002 which earned whopping $100 millions sales in the first year. The scent, which was named as “Glow” proved to be such a feat that is why it is not surprising for her to follow “Glow” with 19 succeeding line of scents over the years.

Jennifer Lopez 'JLove' Fragrance

The hot momma shared how she created “Glow”. Accordingly, her approach changed over the years thinking that she didn’t think much beyond her first fragrance as the best and most beautiful scent ever created.

Jennifer Lopez J Love New Fragrance

Now, 11 years after her first scent, she managed to squeeze in nineteen different scents after she confessed that she got in love with the business. Favorably, her love of perfumes have indeed shown with her 20th scent hitting the shelves this October. Jlove, fragrance for women is a fruity floral scent.

Jlove By Jennifer Lopez Fragrance

Jlo has collaborated with Honorine Blanc, the famed perfumer. JLove is defined by top notes of frozen pineapple, white raspberry, pink grapefruit and tangerine, heart of coconut orchid, water lily, and Tahitian tiare. It has base notes of drydown vanilla sorbet, white wood and skin musk. It is the musk that nailed Jlo’s signature scent and made it distinct. She shared that she wanted to put a mask base on her latest as she feels that it gives a nice kind of sexiness at the bottom.

As for the name, the 44 year old “Live it Up” singer said that she asked herself who she is and what does she encompasses. Her message has always been love for music, movies or anything. She sees those as a big part of who she is that is why they decided to call it for those reason. The name encompasses of she is in a simple word.


She also collaborated with her fragrance Licensee, Coty where she fondly shared that Coty have been one of her greatest partners because they understand one another. JLo also gives credit to the fact that Coty allows her to input ideas while they take that concept to the next level.


Proving that her 20th scent would embody her to the last detail, the leopard print of the bottle also pays homage to Jlo’s sexiness. She discussed that she wanted to something that would encompass the whole brand. Consequently, JLo has always been drawn to the old Hollywood glamour, thus, the animal prints, fur and clean lines which celebrate glamour and luxury.

Jennifer Lopez J Love New Fragrance

JLove will come in two versions, 1-oz Eau de Parfum, and 1-7 oz Eau de Parfum.

It will be distributed exclusively by Kohl’s with its 1, 155 stores in the US. While executives remained mum on the projected sales of JLove. The industry sources have estimated $10 million sales for the first year alone. Also, JLo shared her ongoing relationship with Kohl that is doing great.

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