Just Soles: Shoes are Made for Renting


There is an element of seduction in shoes that does not exist for men. A woman can be sexy, witty, charming, witty or shy with her shoes.-Christian Louboutin


True to the famed shoe label’s words, shoes can add up to a woman’s wit, sexiness and charm. This is why choosing the right pair of shoes to match your apparel is crucial. Apart from that, the right pair of shoes pamper our  feet, making walking not much of a task and more of a leisure. More so, our feet are battered with our everyday activities, which is why they deserve a treat from time to time.


Although shoe shopping can be rewarding, we cannot help but “over-shop” sometimes. I, for one, am guilty for this. When I’m in the mood for shoe shopping, I end up buying 2 or more pairs than I ought to buy. I just had one pair (which I have never used) that looked “withered”. I had developed a love at first sight on that luxury shoes and it was a shame I never use it because I just love displaying it on my closet. We may share the same “shoe tragedy” that is why we cannot help but feel guilty knowing that we have spent more than we should on those expensive shoes.

The idea behind Just Soles caught my attention as it may relieve that guilty feeling from us, shoe buyers. Just Soles lets you sell or lease your shoes with them or through them. Apart from that, they also act as portal between you and that dream closet of yours which is filled with fancy shoes. You can rent your shoes at a much lower price on a weekly basis.


How to buy and sell shoes

While there are plenty of platforms and means to sell your shoes, this, however consumes a lot of your time and energy. Just Soles saves you the hassle as they do all the process for you. All you have to is send them your shoes and they will take care of them. Although Just Soles is rookie in the industry, you may be enticed to sell your designer shoes because of their well-put inventory of shoes for rent.

There are three ways that Just Sole can be of service to shoe lovers.  You can rent designer shoes online that is a practical thing to do for those pair of shoes you can never wear on daily basis or all the time. You can also sell your women designer shoes that you have bought on impulse, the listing fee is only 10% of your sale. Lastly, you can buy for those incredible pair that suit your liking.

With Just Soles, you are somehow assured that your lovely pairs will be sold as they provide tutorials on how to clean your shoes for marketing reasons. In brief, they help you make your shoes profitable and marketable.


Don’t you have the perfect pair of pumps for your night out? Why not look for around Just Soles’ gallery and you may eye a pair that will complement your look.

Simple classic heels, strappy sandals, pumps ,ankle-high fashion boots, flats; all of these are pieces that can be incorporated into any timeless wardrobe.

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