Kim Kardashian is Back on Atkins Diet


While the holiday left us with extra pounds, Kim Kardashian knew how to maintain her figure. She admitted that she is on post holiday diet. Kim might have been too focused on her post holiday diet especially after how she get a backlash of her pregnancy weight. She was even compared to a whale because of her black and white dress choice. Now, she is trying to regain her pre-pregnancy body as she tries to stick to her diet. While others would instantly give in to the smell of freshly roasted turkey or the sweet scent of cupcakes, Kim tried so hard to stick to her holiday diets.


Kim Kardashian post baby diet

Kim shared that she is in Adkins diet again with the plan to sticking to the diet this time around. ‘I did the Atkins diet, and I really stuck with it. I am starting again this week, since I ate a lot over the holidays.’ she shared. The negative feedbacks over her pregnancy figure only boosted her determination to lose weight.


Adkins diet is a diet which is high in protein and fat. It is also low in carbohydrates, which is recommended for weight loss. Renee Zellweger, Sharon Osbourne and Courtney Thorne Smith are just few of the Atkins diet die hard.

Although the Adkins diet plan has been surrounded with so much controversy in its introduction, there are still those who follow the said diet. Apart from Atkins diet, she also train and does her regular exercise routine. With her effort in losing weight, it won’t be surprising to see another set of her bathroom selfie once again. As to her haters, Kim managed it by saying “It’s hard because seems that these days people can never be happy for you. People can hide behind their computer and say whatever they want. Always throwing some shade to ruin a fun or exciting moment you may be having. You just have to be positive and truly ignore it.”


Post Holiday Weight Loss

On the other hand, if you are not much of a fun of this weight loss diet, you can do serious and simple step towards losing weight.

Munch Before Going Out

Before heading out to a event or a bash, make sure that you are stuffed. This is because it will not be surprising to have delicious foods that are likely to be culprits of your weight loss.

Opt for Spicy Foods

Spicy foods have capasicin which creates burning sensation when it contacts with human tissues. This will trigger a boost in your metabolic rate to suppress your appetite. They make you feel fuller.


Minimize your Fluid Calories

Avoid indulging in fluid calories such as those wicked smoothies and froths. They are the classic examples of sinfully delicious which is why if you are intent to lose weight, opt for juices.

Although the holiday is over, we still feel the post holiday eating spree. This may be the reason starting a weight loss plan is hard. However, if you want to gain confidence and fit your denims  again, well, by all means get off your lazy ass and do something!!!

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