Makeup Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


We have shared loads of makeup tips that can last our lifetime, but do we know where are our most favored cosmetics come from? Why don’t we have a bit of makeup history and check out some interesting makeup facts?

Facts about cosmetics

  • There’s a reason why men would fall on their knees with Queen Cleopatra. Well, aside from her undeniable charisma, it has been known that the early uses of cosmetics can be traced down on ancient Egypt. Women would use animal fat-based to paint on their eyes as eye shadow along with black kohl. They used henna to as manicure while they applied ochre for their lips.
  • Meanwhile, the ancient Inca and Aztecs would paint their nails and lips using cochineal, a red dye from ground beetles.
  • Our worries over wrinkles are well understood since ancient Romans saw these as bad omens. Hence, they would used swan fat or donkey milk to soften the fine lines on their face. To remedy their freckles, they would use ashes of snails.
  • Wonder where the word cosmetologist comes from? Well,  in ancient Roma, they call their female servants who assisted Roman women in their beauty regimen were called “cosmetae”, thus, the word cosmetologist. Legends had it that cosmetae would dissolve cosmetics using their own saliva.
  • Cosmetics, on the other hand, come from the Greek word, kosmos, meaning “of this world” or “worldly”.
  • To whiten their faces, women in 1400 used ceruse which is a mixture of vinegar and lead. However, this proved to be a bad and literally deadly beauty tip as ceruse rapidly ate the skin away, leading to death. Gasp
  • Wonder if the smoldering or smoky eyes were trendy on the past? Actually, they were. Women in Elizabeth an era made use of coat tar as eye liner, eyebrow pencil and mascara. Although this gave them the smoky eyes, the tar smelled foul and was also flammable. This could cause blindness, yay, not sexy.
  • Italian women in the 17th century thought of dilating their pupils to add their appeal. This was done by using drops from Bella Donna plant. The long term usage of the plant proved to damaged the eyes that led to blindness.
  • Think all women love to wear makeup? Then meet women in the upper class Victorian era. These women would not apply any cosmetics as doing so would associate them with stage actress as well as prostitutes.
  • If you think that ceruse is desperate enough to get a pale skin, then you haven’t heard of leeches.  In medieval times, pale skin is tantamount to being beautiful and in the high class society that women would go extreme lengths just to achieve that. Women would bleed out using leeches or even slashing their veins just to drain some of their blood. Seriously?
  • We must thank this generation for having known some DIY hair color that doesn’t require much effort. However, back then, if women wanted to have their hair colored, they would have to ferment leeches and vinegar for two months before they could dye their hair black for an entire day. Geez.
  • Fond of lipsticks? Are you aware that the shimmer from lipsticks as well as from the eye shadow comes from fish scale?

With these fun makeup facts, I bet you would appreciate how our folks have discovered effortless, not to mention, safe cosmetics. However, we  should still be careful in choosing cosmetics as there are still those banned cosmetics that are sold illegally. It pays to be a wise consumer.

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