Miranda Kerr Model Diet and Exercise Revealed


Just recently, we heard horrid stories about model diets that it cannot be helped but to view them differently compared before. However, there are still those who are advocates of healthy diets including the 2nd highest paid model in the world, Miranda Kerr. The 30 year old Victoria Secret Angel considers herself accomplished. With her strong career as one of the most sought after model along with her own line of beauty products, her 2 year old son, Flynn and his hunk of a husband actor Orlando Bloom, one can say that she is indeed accomplished.

And if you think that these reasons are enough for her to ditch the Victorias Secret diet tips she has learned, then you get it all wrong. Amidst her busy schedules, Miranda managed to follow her own share of celebrity diets as well as keeping in shape with her strict exercise. If you want to at least somehow get Miranda Kerr’s figure, then start from her wise choice of foods.

Miranda Kerr diet

You cannot expect to get a gorgeous and slender body if you cannot discipline yourself in your diet. You should start your day right by eating healthy breakfast. Accordingly, the brunette’s healthy diet includes a morning shake that is for maximum energy and vitality. It is a smoothie that is alkalizing, nutrient dense and high in vitamins and minerals. She said that she doesn’t deprive herself of food but she eats healthy. She loves eating fresh organic product. More so, she drinks warm water and lemon each morning as well as drinking lots of good quality purified and alkaline water throughout the day.


Miranda Kerr Fitness

While Kerr is genetically gifted, that does not make an excuse to skip fitness. This is why even after two months in giving birth to Flynn, she was in her bikini-ready body, posing for the camera. Miranda Kerr exercise doesn’t require her much discipline as she has already set herself towards being fit. The New Wales raised beauty goes to the gym 5 times a week where she works out for more than an hour. Her fitness is  a combination of yoga, ballet moves, cardio exercises, boxing and running.

Miranda Kerr exercise

The beautiful wife of Orlando enjoy Kundalini, a yoga which is dedicated to balance and energize the body through awakening energy at the base of the spine. This is done through breathing, poses, meditation and chanting. She practices Kundalini with her hubby at an exclusive Hollywood clinic. Kundalini is considered as a powerful yoga as explained by her trainer. Those who follow Kundalini will come to get happiness, healthy and to de-stress. It isn’t a typical yoga that just aims to just get on a mat and do these postures. It doesn’t just focus much on flexibility.

Meanwhile, Miranda doesn’t depend her fitness on her trainer alone. She gets creative in her workouts without her trainer as she combines swimming and meditation. If you want to get Kerr’s enviable body, then you can start by running as she admits that she loves doing it.