Nail Care Tips for Gel Manicure


As of this moment, I have not met anyone yet who does not adore gel manicure (I just had a home gel manicure session with my girlfriends). However, as long lasting and durable as these are, the nail industry is facing quite a serious problem in improper removal of gel manicure. Plenty of nail problems such as nail thinning, brittleness, cracking occur due to this malpractice. Hence, your nail technician ought to know how to properly remove gel manicures. The technicians’ problems with gel manicures can be due to the fact that some of them think that cracking and thinning of nails is a part of the gel process and dehydration of the acetone.

How to prevent gel nail problems

This actually becomes a problem since cracking and thinning of nails aren’t caused by acetone. Some nail technicians do not wait for the gel manicure to be soaked properly that they think a little “force” is okay in removing gel nails. Accordingly, gel polish should be easily removed without forced scraping. Soaking gel manicured nails is important to break the bonds and to get gel nails easily. If you are forcing the gel to be removed, then you are risking your nails.

How to get gel nails

If you are fond of doing gel manicure for yourself, then you ought to know how to get them. On the other hand, make sure to choose nail technician who is trained to handle gel manicures. When getting gel manicures, wearing broad spectrum sunblock in your hands will minimize the damage sustained by UV light during the process. If you wear your gel manicure for more than 21 days, you may need to soak your nails a little longer to properly get rid of the product. Your nail technician should know when to remove the gel. If the gel is snagging a little, make sure that she reapplies the removal solution or the acetone to your nails.

Getting gel nails using orange wood stick can also help in pushing off the gel-polish after soaking your nails. However, you should not take this as a go signal to forcefully push the gel to your nails. This should require little pressure to push the gel off your nails. Your nail plate should be intact and healthy for your next manicure. Removing a manicure should not be painful. If you feel the other way, then take it as a signal to shift to other services.


Apart from taking care of your nails, it is the duty of a nail technician to educate its clients. This includes suggesting products as well as nail care practices. It is also her duty to protect your nails from damage.

For a healthy nail care, you should allow your nails to re-grow and repair. It is also good to take a break from manicure from time to time. Manicures can hide the health of your nails. The UV rays used to cure gel manicure are a potential risk for skin cancer that is why you need to go slow in applying them.

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