Nail Technician Skills and Requirements


If you have a  steady hand and love fashion and beauty then you may want to become a nail technician. However, apart from your skill in manicure, nail art, pedicure, there are also things that you need to do.

What is a nail technician?

Before applying for the position, you should know what your job description as a nail technician is. Nail technicians clean, file, trim and paint fingernails and toenails. They also discuss treatments and services with their customers including moisturizing the hands and feet, polishing or applying the artificial nails. Nail technicians also disinfect and clean the tools used on the client. Nail technicians can be independent or can work in a salon.

What does it take to be a nail technician?

Apart from your skills in doing manicure and pedicure, you should also enroll in a training school. This is not just to enhance your skills but this is because the state cosmetology boards require nail technicians demand nail technicians to finish an approved training program to get a license. Each state cosmetology board has different requirements for the nail technicians’ license.  The nail technician courses programs include disinfecting techniques and sanitation, skin and nail disorders to keep the safety of the customers. Nail training programs also include courses on tools, products as well as techniques used to render manicures. Vocational course may take up 6-8 weeks while a comprehensive course offered by top nail technician schools usually last up to a year. Aspiring nail technicians even go through internship to get real life experience. Apart from this, students can also qualify for a state license. Practical exam may include demonstration  setup and disinfection of tools and providing a manicure.

How to become a nail technician

If you have enrolled in a vocational school that does not offer apprenticeship, then the best thing to do to get some hands-on experience is to apply for apprenticeship at different salons. Meanwhile, before taking a nail technician course, make sure that you do your research. If you intend to make nail technician your source of living, check out the licensing requirements of your state. Opt for an accredited school that provides ample training programs as well as apprenticeship.

In the world of cosmetology, nail schools are not all the same. Some school offer nail technician training as part of their curriculum while other exclusively dedicate nail art training education for their students.

Although training from state to state varies, on average, it takes 400 hours to become a nail technician. However, some states require 600 hours while others only demand 100 hours.

Most state  require a minimum age as well as educational attainment to grant students their license apart from the program completion. Practical exams are usually done in mannequins.

Apart from the technical skills, nail technicians should also have good interpersonal skills. This makes listening to the clients’ need easier. In turn, good interpersonal skills encourage loyalty and patronage of the customers to the salon or to your service.

Fancy making your hobby your trade? Why not try taking nail technician course and check out the license requirement in your state?

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