Nolcha New York Fashion Week February 2014: It’s a Wrap


Now on its seventh consecutive year, Nolcha Fashion Week is once again wowing the crowd as it gathered a pool of designers, bloggers and celebrities who went out to support independent fashion at the Pier 59 Studios in Manhattan. Yours truly was at the venue to personally witness the amazing display of creativity and style by Gabrielle Aruda, Nina Athanasiou, L Catherine London and Jungwon. Kat Graham, Kelly Rutherford, Jennie Garth, Zendaya, Elliott Sailors, and more graced the Nolcha Fashion Week: New York presented by RUSK. I bet these celebs are also excited as I am to see fresh and budding talent in both modeling and designing industry


For 2014, Nolcha New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 had 13 designer runway shows and I was truly amazed with the intricacy and the opulence of individual designs. Nolcha is excited to have the return of Leka of whom has started the day with a stunning solo runway show at 12pm. The Russian designer used architectural/tailored jackets and couture sleeves which makes the heart of her lineup. Her show served its purpose in setting the mood with her A-line skirts in colors black, blue, and mustard yellow paired cheekily with tight black tops.

The Nolcha New york fashion week February 2014 closing show started at 8:30pm which featured 5 designers returning to Nolcha Fashion Week: Jungwon (designer men’s and women’s rain coats and outerwear, featuring footwear provided by Cat Footwear), Gabrielle Arruda (women’s ready-to-wear), L. Catherine London (women’s ready-to-wear), Nina Athanasiou (women’s and men’s couture), and Dany Tabet (jaw-dropping eveningwear).





Jungwon Fall/Winter Collection

Jungwon started the closing show. She envisioned to have a clothing line that could withstand the test of time and the weather too. Themen’s and women’s rain coat designer,  Her fabrics are made with AQUAMAX: a 3 layer fiber that makes her clothing waterproof, wind-proof, and breathable. The models looked comfortable in Jungwon’s wear, yet still conservatively sheek in light palettes of pink, grey, cream, and black. Although the material looked prone to wrinkling, it seemed to float on top of the model’s bodies like puffy clouds.




Gabrielle Arruda Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

The Korean designer was followed by Gabrielle Arruda who was by the way, impressing us with her USA-made clothing that is seriously sending signals to empower strong and independent women at work. Gabrielle intelligently used a contrasting tandem of strength and delicateness to let her garments exude with such energy and simplicity. Seeing her collection makes me realize that her collection is bordering to the androgynous look. Among my favorite ensembles in the lineup included the black leather skinnies paired with clear hoodies with black mesh tops as well as the lovely high slit long skirts. Interestingly, Gabrielle is the first woman to give a modern take to the boardroom looks.



L Catherine Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Noticeably, L’s fall/winter entry for Nolcha 2014 features autumnal and neutral colors in gray, brown and black. Burnt orange gave a surprise pop of color along with floral patterns and interesting designs. Furs are never missed so with leather that chicly suggests office wear for the cold season. Furs had interesting appearance in vests, hats and scarves. The label also made use of intricate layering in their dress too.





NinaAthansiouFallWinter2014Collection9. Nina Athansiou Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Nina Athansiou’s show came next which displayed androgyny into different level. She set the stage by starting with a sultry look that is perfect for a brand that combine old school and sci-fi beauty. Elliot Sailors just give both genders a justice by sauntering in both men’s and women’s wear from Nina’s fall/winter lineup. I was kinda amazed on how Elliot carried herself on the runway not to mention how Nina herself had a clever choice of palette for her fall/winter collection. Her lineup was noticeably colorful from afar and much more noticeable in flesh. Among the colors that Nina used include emerald green, beige and blue. Her collection also gave room for metallic accents in form chic outerwear. The Germany-based designer reflects her sentiments as she created an idea, attitude and scene with her garments. Leather and skirts were combined tastefully with blazers, beards, buttons, and big hair made accented the avant-garde looks.











Dany Tabet Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Dany ended the show unconventionally. Instead of sending his models in the runway, he rather came out first to give a speech about ending war and promoting peace and unity all over the world. As soon as his models came out, I completely understand the reason for his speech with his models looking like “crystal warriors” descending down the runway in artsy and beautiful couture gowns.  Besides the beautiful dark hues, the gowns were all encrusted with jewels and sparky crystals that come in all shapes and sizes. The gowns also bore trains and high splits in the front I could imagine the hard work and the great time it took to finish such lovely masterpiece. Skin-baring numbers were also show-stoppers in the lineup. Danny’s vision of unity and piece were reflected with his luxurious gowns that speak volumes of luxury and elegance.

Nolcha has wrapped its show successfully as it gathered independent designers to showcase their creativity and brilliance. And I look forward to seeing next year’s Nolcha Fashion Week again.