Pamper Your Hands to Make it Younger


They say that you can tell the age of the lady according to her hands. If this be true, how about those who have dull and dry hands? Winter and washing can dull your hands as well as sun exposure, chemical products from washing, dry wind can make your hands dry. Hence, if you wanted to look young, apart from younger looking hands, here are some of the tips to get younger looking hands overnight.

How to have younger looking hands

If you’ve got brown spots and uneven skin tone, your best bet is to have pigment-targeting laser treatments or chemical peels. Sun exposure can mottle the skin especially the left hand. However, the years of accumulated skin damage can be treated in a sole pigment targeting laser treatment. The laser treatment can be the Q-switched ruby or alexandrite targets and instantly destroys the the pigment in brown spots. This then causes redness that can be healed between one to two weeks.

before_and_ after_Hands

The treatment causes at about $500 whereas the chemical peel starts at $150. This lightens the dark spots as it removes the tired top layer of dead skin cells. Medical experts utilize the laser as a noninvasive hand rejuvenation. Doctor improve the appearance of the skin by injecting microscopic beams to the skin that encourage collagen production. This is crucial to make the skin younger looking.

Apart from this, medial experts injects Sculptra which is a biocompatible synthetic material inflicted into the hands skin. This will make your skin look younger and fuller that gives your hands volume that they use to have. Those who have dry hands can take advantage of fat transfer. The fat came from the patient’s buttocks which is inserted beneath the skin of the aged hands. Radiesses on the other hand is a filler that has calcium that rejuvenates the skin.

Get younger looking hands overnight

Apart from laser treatment, surgery can also give solutions to give you younger looking hands naturally.


In order to get younger looking hands, use hand moisturizer daily as this will smoothen, soften and make your hand look supple. Nonetheless, shun away from hand moisturizer that contains alcohol. This will make your hands dry use oil-based moisturizers that penetrates through the surface. Winters can be harsh on your skin as it dries due to the coldness. This will make your hands irritating and painful.

Anti aging skin care

If you cannot afford these expensive treatments, you can have homemade treatments that can make your hands younger looking. For extremely dry hands, use scrub sea salt to remove dead skin cells and covers the layer of the skin that makes it look it dry. To moisturize the skin, apart from no crack hand cream, use olive or argan oil on your hands and protect it with moisturizing gloves as an effective homemade treatment. Apply this homemade treatment before hitting the sack for you hands to be rejuvenated and nurtured overnight. A noticeable result will be visible every night.

You can also make your hands look younger through using homemade masks that has olive oil, vitamins A and E, egg yolk, honey and other natural ingredients that keep your skin moisturized.

Anti-aging cream

Apart from this, you can use miracle hand repair cream and other lotions and to keep your skin younger looking. Pamper your hands and include this in your beauty regimen to keep your skin smooth looking and rejuvenated. Make sure to use vaseline intensive creams for the creams and lotions to be really effective. Make sure to choose creams and lotions that have aloe vera, jojoba oil and argan oil for it to be more effective. Retinol hand cream can also smoothen your hands as well as make it appear younger as retinol has antioxidant that improves the appearance of your skin.

The appearance of your hands tells so much about you that is why it is important to pamper them and give them some tender love and care.

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