Rock these Nail Art Ideas for School


Summer is about to end and this means that school is about to start. We get it that it can be boring as you are still engrossed with your summer vacation but you can perk up your school days with cool nail arts. Telling stories aside, rocking
back to school nail art is always fun especially when you and your friends compared one another’s nail arts. Here are some of easy back to school nails that you can do at home.


Nail care

Before trying simple nail art designs, make sure that you do you keep your nails in their tip top shape. Trim and file your nails consistently. This will keep your nails in your desired shape. Never forget to moisturize since nails are susceptible to drying. Hence, better keep your nails healthy by moisturizing it.

Cool nail designs for back to school

Painting your nails with white nail art design can be a great bonding for you and your classmates. You need wait for the class to officially start, invite your friends for a mani-pedi party. Consider this as an opportunity to catch up and discuss your respective summer adventures while painting your nails with cute Japanese nail art. Just remember though that when applying new products, make sure to read instructions and always apply with extra care. Nail art kits do not come with extra which is why mistakes can be costly.


Pretty nail art ideas

For a classic and sophisticated appeal, try applying French manicure. If you want to get more adventurous, you can even try the reverse French tip too. If your hand is not steady to perform it, you can make use of nail care tip kit. Reverse French manicure uses a light color for the majority of the nail and another color at the tip (maybe of the same color which is a bit darker or lighter). This breaks monotony and gives a pop of surprise to your nails. After applying the base coat of your polish, start using darker (or lighter) opaque polish across the top of the nail. This can be applied in half-moon shape or straight line across the tip of the nail. If you cannot apply this on your own, you can use a guide that is sold in the beauty section. These are usually adhesive half moons that you can attach to your nail below the place you wanted to paint. Allow it to dry then paint it with colorless nail polish again for the last coat.


Cute and easy nail art

3D stickers make cute nail art to rock on for schools. Apart from its easy application, you can also choose different designs from its wide variety of popular and creative designs. Apply the sticker on completely dried polish. Push the sticker down to avoid creases. Paint a top coat for a longer and glossy finish.

For chic nails, you can add gems and stones to your nails. Before the polish dries, apply the stones to your nails. Let it dry then make sure that the stones stay in place. Faded glitters also make cute and fancy fashion statement.

With these pretty nail art ideas, you are as good as ready to rock your school with so much glam and fab.
Create unique nail looks with nail art.

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