Sizzle Your Summer With These Vintage Swimwear



Vintage bathing suits are making its comeback. If you aren’t certain which among the classic swimsuits would flatter your body type, below are some of the retro bathing suits tips to make your summer more fun and enjoyable:


Bikini Bottoms

When wearing vintage summer wear, choose for the silhouettes that flatter your shape. If you aren’t confident with your midriff and wanted to hide your bulge, you can go for bikini bottoms. They are higher on the waist to hide your mid-section. For added effect, some bikini bottoms come with flouncy miniskirts that give your hip a slimming effect. The bikini has emerged out of Paris during the mid 1940s, making it as one of the covetable swimsuit of the decade. Through the years, the high waist bikini bottom and a boned top still makes a timeless fashion statement perfect to bask under the glorious sun.
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Pinup girl one piece suit

Another vintage swimwear that you shouldn’t miss is a one piece suit that is inspired by the 30s style. This has modesty panel and ruched details at the side and bustline, giving your silhouette slimming look. Speaking of ruched, if you have an athletic body built, a ruched one tankini can add to your curves.

swim playsuit

Swim Playsuit

The sweet pinup era is also emphasized in a swim playsuit. This bathing suit is such a gem as it hides in lovely red paneling with zipper closing at the back. Its drawstring in the bust settles under a lovely triangle pennant trim. This vintage summer wear is more than functional than it is eye candy. With this lovely swim wear, who needs a cover up?


Swim Dresses

Back in the days, swim dresses was the norm. However, over the time, they evolved, became shorter and more revealing. Yet, the chic and lovely vibe of swim dresses still proves to be timeless. Apart from the charm, swim dresses give you excellent coverage and modesty without ruining your sense of style. Swim dresses are perfect for ladies who have inverted triangle body shape. If the skirt of your swim dress is flowy and A-line, the flare will give your frame balance, making your hips proportional to your body shape. This is also ideal for ladies with round torso or in the plus size since it gives you the support and coverage while making you comfortable at the beach.



Another vintage trend that you can sport this summer is bandeaus. There are plenty of reasons you should go into this route, aside from its charm, bandeau tops also got a historical significance. This swimwear was used by women during baths and sporting events. Since bandeaus don’t offer much support in the bust area, this top is ideal for women who have muscular or athletic built. Just make sure you get a snugger fit up top to secure the bandeaus in its position. For an added hippie yet chic flare, sport a fringed bandeau. Do not forget the headdress though to complete the ensemble.

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