Solange Attacks Jay-Z After Met Gala


The video of Solange attacking Jay-Z has been viral since last week with people speculating the cause of the attack. The surprising attacked was leaked as it was caught by the Standard Hotel surveillance cameras in New York.




In the video, sisters Solange and Beyonce Knowles were in the elevator along with Jay-Z when the argument started which lasted for three minutes. The trio was accompanied by a bodyguard who help stop the fight. As soon as the elevator closed, Solange was seen kicking and hitting Jay-Z with Beyonce watching.

Beyonce was seemed to be frozen to the entire altercation, didn’t even made an attempt to stop the argument. A source shared that the argument started when Solange Met Gala friends would not leave the venue and kept on dropping Jay-Z’s name. Jay-Z later on snapped at Solange, saying to stop using his name.


This is what made the drunk Solange want to leave the party. On the way out, the rapper mogul said that he would go to Up & Down on West 14th Street where Rihanna was hosting her post MET Ball Party. Solange allegedly said Jay-Z doesn’t need extra security since Beyonce will not join him.

Jay-Z’s replied enraged Beyonce’s younger sister that resulted to the vicious attack. During the argument, Jay-Z grabbed Solange’s stiletto clad foot to block a kick but didn’t retaliate. The bodyguard was spotted to press the emergency stop switch to keep the tiff private before intervening Solange’s attack on Jay-Z.




After the attack, the trio went out from the elevator with Beyonce pasting a fake showbiz smile to mask the incident. In the end, Jay-Z decided against attending RiRi’s after MET party. He went home in a separate car while Beyonce and Solange went on the same car together. Reps for Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange didn’t give any comments for the incidents.




On the other hand, days after the altercation, Beyonce showed up a public support for her sister as she posted a photo of her and Solange hugging each other. While the photo was affectionate and intimate, she decided to leave the caption blank.

It was said that Solange wanted to have a name on her own and get away from the shadows of her superstar sister. Accordingly, Jay-Z had promised to sit with her and write music together for her break. Jay-Z hasn’t kept his promise to help Solange. Solange’s album is coming out soon without any stir which is a bad sign.

Solange wanted to have a major career just like her sister. The leaked video from the Standard Hotel was under an investigation to find out who is responsible behind the violation of security. The hotel sent out a statement saying, “We are investigating with the utmost urgency the circumstances surrounding the situation and, as is our customary practice, will discipline and prosecute the individuals involved to our fullest capacity.”



Meanwhile, couple Jay-Z and Beyonce seemed to patch things up as they are the picture of a perfect couple on Monday as they watched the game 4 of the Brooklyn Nets.  


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