The Art of Knowing How to Correct Bad Hair Mistakes


Have you experience waking up with a bad hair that no matter how you fix your locks, you are still presented with frizzy hair? Do not frustrate. It is but normal as we all have our experience of bad hair days. A bad hair day can go away within a couple hours yet when bad hair mistakes may last up a last time. How does a “bad hair lifetime” sound? Since us girls value our locks as our crowning glory, the all of us girls are expected to have a beautiful and healthy hair just like in commercials. Although perspective varies when it comes to ideal type of hair for women, it cannot be denied that women’s hair can create a difference in her look. Just like for some men where they find girls with long curly hair or those with silky straight hair sexy.


Highlighting the hair in different shades or coloring the entire hair with another tone is all in the rage nowadays. However, there are those who immediately jump into the band wagon without consulting knowing the basics of hair color.

This being said, some girls end up having their hair suffer adverse effects that hair coloring bring. In order to know how to correct bad hair mistakes, here are some of the hair colour tips that come in handy.

Know your Skin type

Choosing the best hair shades is not like buying crayons in a bookstore. You need to understand your skin color to match your hair color. The four main complexions are olive, dark, porcelain and peaches and cream that have many pink tones. Those who have olive complexion are lucky girls as they are the most versatile in the lot. They can have rich chestnut browns while peaches and cream need to avoid these colours as these can redden their cheeks even more. Porcelain skinned are in for a treat if they dye their hair red just like X Factor Cheryl Cole did. However, they should go slow against yellowish shades as this can make them look brassy. Although olive skins are the most versatile, they should champagne color as this can make them look dull.

The best hair dye is not about brands as it is about what works well in your skin tone. Check whether you are suitable sporting highlights or color them fall. When you opt for highlights, consider highlighting it with two different shades as this can make you look fabulous. Go to a salon that provides gloss treatment as this can make your hair shinier. However you can also do it at home. If you want to save some money. Here is some products I recommend.

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For those who have grey hair showing, the best hair colour is the type that does just cover the hair but also consider which color suits your age and skin too. Gray hair has coarse texture that is why it can be resilient to hair colour.

If after applying the color is not what you expect, you can wash your hair with shampoo that has ammonium laurel sulfate if a semi permanent color is applied.

lady Gaga looks


If you plan to make a statement out of your hair color, make sure that you can stand for it. Just because lady Gaga looks well in her hair does not mean it may work on you. Thus, if you are prepared to pull a quirky look, then you must also be prepared to have bold and brave attitude to complement it.

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