The Controversy And Obsession Of The “Red Bottom”


0452559971117r_396x528Most of shoes that celebrities are wearing these days are a creation of the famous Designer Christian Louboutin.

We have  called them “Stilettos.” Stillettos are in silver with”spikes” at the tip and its distinct red botton.

Designer Christian Louboutin who created the red soles shoes,  dressed up the red carpet again with these pair of fashionable shoes for Spring/ Summer of 2012.

Theses so glamourous shoes attract a lot of Hollywood female stars, from Europe and the United States because of the high quality and unique design. Being a female my version of the red botton. Everyone should own these. It’s foot seduction, just look down and smile. These controversial shoes “Red Botton” make any outfit. So are you a shoe fan dying to get the latest style? You go on watching celebrities just because you want to know what shoes they’re wearing.  The designer who created the above stiletto with distinct silver spikes and Red Botton style attracts most female stars in the Hollywood from different continents because of its unique and classy design.

These silver stilettos and transparent plastic, tied with double ankle strap, crystal and silver spikes and peaks in the tip style are madness of many famous Hollywood stars such as Katy Perry, Olivia Munn, Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick and Selena Gomez. Most Hollywood stars who wore this kind of stiletto were Katy Perry, Olivia Munn, Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick and Selena Gomez amaze this crystallized silver spikes tied with double ankle strap stilettos.Each of them carried a style of wearing these shoes in special ways, with sophisticated dress on different elegant style so they can appreciate the sensuality of these pumps as vanguard.

No matter what the occasion is, these red sole high-heel shoes make women more attractive than any other women because of being glamorous and appealing to every man around you. You might as well consider as the most beautiful woman in the crowd. And most people say that women should wear beautiful shoes to add beauty on them. Personally speaking, these red soles have become the most important weapon of every women, even myself. I am very satisfied with two lovely pairs of red botton high heels

This pair of shoes (shown in image) stood out like an oasis in the desert for me! When I saw these transparent and clear body shoes topped off with a black toe tip, black heel and ankle strap, I knew I had the winner!! Actually, I got two of them. A pair of pure black  and transparent black. Even though I love the silver one, however, I couldn’t spend more money to purchase this quiet expensive show. Moreover, I have been wearing these high-heels all day to break them in and I am impressed with how comfortable they are!

I will definitely pay attention to the sale.I really love this pair of shoes, you should have seen my face when I saw this shoes in actual! I can kick my husband with this rump! Lol! Just kidding. Anyway, I got lots of compliments with this pair of shoes. So I guess you should try it for yourself too!

You will not regret it because they are perfect. Men love these shoes too! And be ready for compliments!!!