The hottest tips for V-Day


It’s now time for love, lust, and passion.

Valentine’s Day can be fun with just a little planning,  just remember that the smallest things are what really count in showing love, or just by simply saying the magic words of the day to your loved one “Happy Valentine Day“. But Valentine’s is around the corner and I’d love to share with you some of the hottest tips for this special day, you can’t go wrong with these top eight!

1 – Vamp it up – go get three new lingerie outfits in a different style, pick the hottest ones, cutest, sexy, over the top, use your shopping for a hot fashion show. Model your three outfits in a private performance like Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and after you finish the runway, have your hubby pick his favorite one and enjoy it!

2 – Create your private VIP Club – Do you need bar music? No way! Fill your iPod with sexy tunes from Kanye to Riahanna, and blow up your speakers. But if you want an extra point with your loved one, then you should hang a disco ball and make it like a club vibe, you will find these cheap at a store like Target or Walmart.

3 – Play Stylist – choose each others outfits for dinner and get dressed together. You can’t decline each others picks, by the way! Later take turns undressing each other.

4 – Have a wine tasting – go to your near liquor store and buy a few bottles of your favorite liquor, REMEMBER! this is a tasting party, and chugging will only result in falling asleep before any sex you have.

5 – Make like a hotel in Vegas – Fix your bathroom and make it romantic and sexy. Buy some Strawberries and dip them in Chocolate. They’re aphrodisiacs. And don’t forget to get your favorite Champagne bottle in a hot bubble bath.

6- Call your favorite Spa – Book a couple of hours of treatment and exotic massages at your near Spa for Valentine’s Day. By the time you two get home, you’ll be ultra-relaxed for some late night fun.

7 -Make a dessert bar –  Create a beautiful coffee table with chocolate Sundae, cookies and ice cream, berries and whipped cream, enjoy your fantastic dessert for dinner, after all, calories do not count on valentine’s day, you will burn it!!!

8 – Spice up bedroom decor – Re-decorate your bedroom to look like a love den. Get a nice bottle of swanky french champagne, maker Nicolas Feuillatte they’re for her. And for him, bottles of this yummy stuff, have a tasting with the blue one for you, and the pink one for him, each of them contains a glass and a half of champagne, just enough for a dinner toast. You can get them for $29 for both, available at most liquor stores. Buy scented candles, luxurious linens, and soothing music to help set the mood.

So there you have it, my top 8 super hot Valentine’s Day tips.

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