Tips on Establishing a Good Relationship with Your Hairstylist


If I want to look good, paying my hairstylist a whooping tip is not enough. Although most of us customers are believed to be always right, it is still important to observe manners as well as etiquette not just because it is right and natural but it also lets your hairstylist exert extra service for you to achieve your most coveted look. Below are just hair salon etiquette tips that I personally practice with my hairstylist.

Words are not Enough


Now no matter how detailed you are in your description of your desired look, sometimes, your hairstylist do not get them. Instead of ending up holding grudge against your stylist and switching to another salon, better bring some pictures of the look you wanted to achieve. Save the pictures on your phone or bring along a magazine. You can provide details then on how you wanted that look to be done on you.

If you are with kids, then give them toys to get occupied. The least thing that our hairstylists need is annoying kids that roam around the Hair Salon or fuss over their mama’s look.

Setting up Appointments


When you make an appointment, make sure to come earlier than the set schedule for you to have time with your stylist. Personally, I come 20 minutes earlier to prepare myself and browse on the magazine for some hairstyles if I do not have any idea what should be done on my hair.
On the other hand, if you cancel an appointment, make it 24 hour earlier if possible. It is wise to book your sessions in advance to get the best time slots that would suit your schedules. Doing so would let you handle your schedules ahead of time as you do not have to squeeze in salon time in your schedule.

You are No Gossip Girl

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Although gossiping is expected in a salon, salon etiquette dictates not to gossip over regulars in the salon and the people around in general. Gossiping over someone may ruin the reputation of the salon and may discourage future customers to avail the salon’s services.

Even if you are a regular in the salon, it is wise to keep details of your personal and professional life from them. Avoid getting too personal or discussing intimate topics with them. Safe topics such as beauty tips and current events in general are acceptable to be talked about.

How Much and When to Tip


Although tipping is not necessary, it gives morale to your hairstylist. Consider who you should give tip to apart from your hairstylist. You can tip the one who washes your hair. See how the salon works and how you are treated in the salon. If you are especially entertained, then you may owe the salon manager a tip. Check how much work covers the job description of your hairstylist. If coloring your hair or washing them is not included in the job then a tip is needed.

If you frequent the salon say twice or thrice a month, then you are allowed to tip below 15%. If you are unhappy with the service or waited longer even if you have set your appointment, then it is okay not to give any tip.

Achieving our desired look does not only rely on how you carry it but it mainly lies on our hairstylist skills. Hence, it is important to create a healthy relationship with them. Doing so is like hitting two birds in a stone, gaining friends and getting your desired look at the same time.

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