Trendy Prom Dress 2014



Once you know the prom dress trends for 2014, you will definitely have your choice from the hottest prom dresses for 2014. This is because you can combine your personal style with the gorgeous prom dress trends 2014Although the best way to sport a trendy gown is for intricate embellishments, colors also play an important part. Pastels, neutrals, blush and mint make a best choice for your prom night.



Long Prom Dresses

Backless Dresses

Backless dresses makes is one of the hottest prom dress trends 2014. They are taking over the teens’ choice of prom attire as these demographic are now braver to show off more skin. Backless is perfect for a sophisticated look. And if you find this too dramatic for your style, you can go for cut-ins at the back.


One Shoulder Dresses

If you wanted to show off your back without the usual strapless gown, then you can opt for one shoulder dress. While they might not be the hottest trend, they still make a good choice. You can pair this gown with pumps or sandals in fab metallic. You would definitely get a consideration for the Prom Queen.

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Sheer Panels

The sheer panels are one of the trends in Hollywood’s red carpet, making it one of the best prom dresses for this year. Sheer panels allow the teens to create the illusion of skin with its nude stretch mesh. You can go for corsets to emphasize your waistline or all over the bodice. Sheers make a good choice if you are not a huge fan of backless.


High Low Dresses

High low dresses are still making an impact until this year. If you want to pull it off with a class, mix this trend with a dramatic back or go for lace, sheer paneling. This will give your dress with a longer back, giving you the right kind of trend.

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High Slit dresses

High Slit dresses give a sophisticated yet youthful flare. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you can never go wrong with these dresses.


Gowns with a Peplum

If you want to be seen as one feminine lady, go for peplum dresses. Because peplum is already elegant, try not to overwhelm the details. Avoid wearing lace with peplum and go for strapless gowns instead.

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Short prom dresses

Embellished Backs

If you want to bring on your sexy back, go for embellished straps. You can try using sequins or beading, as long as you the details are not exaggerating. You can also try to layera necklace on your back instead of the front as inspired by Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars.


Skirts with a Sheer Overlay

Besides using sheer details in your corset, you can go for shorter skirt and sheer overlay. This sexy look will show off your gams while making your attire prom appropriate.

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Besides these prom dress ideas, you can also make wrist corsages a part of your entire ensembles. Bracelet corsage can flatter your whole attire, making you a Prom darling.

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