Turquoise-Hued Mascara for Your Eye Fringes


If you only know two shades for mascara, then you are missing out big time in the cosmetics department. In case you didn’t get the memo, sparkly and bold eye makeup are huge this year. Rather than stressing yourself over perfecting the smokey eyes, why not shift your interest to other eye makeup trends such as a nicely hued mascara? This is a nice surprise and far from being predictable. And if you fancy this trend but is uncertain what products to try on your fringes, here are some nice suggestions:

Turquoise-Hued-Mascara5It would take a few layers to build up, and you have to be fast because it clumps quite easily, but if you get it right you’re left with a very bold and bright look.

Turquoise-Hued-MascaraAlso, don’t forget mascaras dry out and also should be replaced regularly for hygiene reasons.

Turquoise-Hued-Mascara2Turquoise, pretty blue, purple or green mascara might be just that little extra something you need to glam up your look!

Turquoise-Hued-Mascara6Don’t be afraid to experiment with mascaras in turquoise or jade green.

Turquoise-Hued-Mascara4Whether you go for a subtle turquoise, green or a vivid electric blue remember….. makeup is made to be enjoyed.

Turquoise-Hued-Mascara7Your eyes should dramatically stand out, the colors should give your face a wow factor. But I wouldn’t recommend sporting turquoise mascara at the office.


Rimmel_Extra_POPNEW Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Building Mascara – 004 Pop Turquoise, $5.84

Do you want to tread the path of lash building color mascara but doesn’t want to spend a fortune? The NEW Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Building Mascara – 004 Pop Turquoise answers your dilemma. This colored mascara gives a pop of turquoise that looks very light in tube with even a hint of metallic. However, when applied, it looks darker than it appears. This volume building mascara can be used alone for that surprising color or use over your existing mascara for that subtle look.

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Maybelline Volume Express Color Shock Mascara - Turquoise Electric.jpg

 Maybelline Volume Express Color Shock Mascara – Turquoise Electric, $8.00

If you are the one who is very particular with colors and love bolder ones, then this super saturated and eye popping Maybelline Volume Express in Turquoise Electric should be on your makeup kit . This mascara gives a massive volume with colossal Volume Ultra Vibrant Lashes. Be in vogue without the expensive price tag.

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Sephora Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara in Lagoon (Turquoise),

Sephora Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara in Lagoon (Turquoise), $17.50

This multifunctional mascara doesn’t just give your lashes a pop of color, it also volumizes, lenghtens, curves, strengthens, separates, protects and nourishes your lashes. This full size A mascara creates wonderful thick lashes in a single stroke.  It has a smart formulation that includes Sephora’s Care Complex responsible for taking care of your lashes.

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L'Oreal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara, Turquoise Crush #472.jpg

L’Oreal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara, Turquoise Crush #472, $15.99

Uniquely formulated to fight clumping, the voluminous mascara is what you need to soften and build your lashes up to 5x thicker. It has a unique maximizing formulation that nourishes your lashes in one application. Your lashes remain supple and healthy while looking stunning and appealing. It leaves you with no flakes or smudges. If you constantly wear contact lens, this mascara is safe for you. Its excellently plush brush is especially designed to glide the right amount of mascara without the added clump.   The #472 Turquoise Crush from L’Oreal is a Limited Edition from Color Creations that builds lashes to 5X their natural thickness. It comes with panthenol for full and dramatic lash look. Its brush thickens lashes evenly, leaving you no smudges, clump or flakes. It also protects and conditions your lashes.
Okay, so what now? First, pray to God to help you in your new venture of developing a better appearance.
Now you are ready to turn some heads!! And yes, prepare yourself to have so much fun!

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