Victoria’s Secret Bright Young Things Line: Alluring or Disgusting?


Victoria Secret’s Angels are every man’s fantasy and their apparels are every woman’s dream. Yet, with Victoria’s Secret’s “Bright Young Things” campaign, teens started to lust over VS products.

At first look, the campaign looks aimed for college girls yet on the closer view, the campaign targets audience who are in a much younger age. The collection called as ““Spring Break Must-Haves” highlighted a new linesuch as lace bandeau’s  halter top bikinis and towels with flirty phrases.

Due to this, parents and different groups took their rage of the campaign citing its intention on sexualizing teens. But the company has released a statement that the campaign was intended for college girls as they have no plans in introducing the collection to the younger demographic. However, the statement was contradicted by a Victoria’s Secret executive, Chief Financial Officer Stuart Burgdoerfer which says that the collection targets young girls who want to be cool like the college girls.

Scandalized and Outraged Parents

This is where parents get mad and outraged as they see campaign models were younger than the usual VS models. Different reactions were posted from parents as they feel that the marketing campaign of the collection is offensive.  While little ladies clamor over the collection, parents discouraged their kids to buy any of the collection as they believed those to be sexually suggestive.

Then last year, Justin Beiber crooned sexy VS Angels while flaunting their stunning bodies on skimpy outfits and those parents saw how potent the marketing strategy was.They believed that if their kids love Justin Beiber and Bieber loves Victoria Secret, then they should buy Victoria’s Secret too.

Campaign Vs. Parenting Skills

While parents are in raged with Victoria Secret’s marketing campaign, college girls are more shocked to the fact that parents tolerate their 12 years old + children to buy such items. Now college girls question the skills of the parents to rear their children as they believed that the marketing campaign of VS does not matter. What matters is that  if they or they will not allow their girls to buy the product. One even called the parents as stupid in allowing their kids to buy sexy products even before the campaign existed.

 VS, not the First One

Although VS is in the hornet’s nest with parents’ outraged reactions, there are fashion lines that targeted prepubescent girls. The 17 year old Dakota Fanning was subject to a fashion scandal as she featured on Marc Jacobs perfume campaign so with Ondria Hardin who was 15 then in Chanel’s spring campaign. Of course, not to forget the 10 year old Thylane Loubry Blondeau with her provocative poses on French Vogue.