Walk with Confidence in High Heels


“High Heels are pleasure with Pain”-Christian Louboutin”


Because not all of us are given the height that we wanted, we augment our lack in that department with varying high heel shoes for women. However, with our desire to be tall, we endure the pain brought about by these killer pairs simply because it gives confidence and sexiness. There is no other pair of shoes that exudes so much sexiness as much as womens heels. However, true to what the label has said, high heels can be such a pain in the ass (or feet if you take it literally). Meanwhile, there are some ways you can do to minimize the pain while still towering other girls with your killer heels.


Comfortable high heels

At the thought of wearing heeled shoes, one always associate it with wearing stiletto pumps that can be uncomfortable and unstable to wear. Stilettos are good to rock on special events and are not meant for daily wear. Hence, when choosing heel height, opt for one that combines beauty and comfort. The problem with most of us is that we store shoes in our closet that are either too high or too low. So better if you opt for beautiful high heels while still being comfortable.

Opt for Stability

Don’t just opt for high heels because of its height alone. A good height for a heel is 7 cm. enough to be wobbly while you can still feel tall. Thin heel in 7-inch can be unstable. If you are on your job demands constant mobility, opt for heels that can support such demand. Instead of wearing stiletto shoes, why not trade it for a pair of wedge? Wedge heels are the most comfortable and easiest to walk  into. This is because they touch most amount surface area of your feet than other kinds of heels. This reduces ankle problem and provides much support that you need.



Match it with the Occasion

There are matching shoes for every occasion and season. However, if you aim for versatility, opt for platform pumps. This is because this pair can go a long way from strolling to shopping to dinner dates. Pump heels are also versatile as the platform pumps. Plus, they can look oh so sexy even when you pair them with destroyed jeans or your boyfriend’s favorite jeans (talk about sexy meets boyish looks).  You can never go wrong wearing a good pair of nude pumps as apart from the color, you are ever assured that you will not get be out of trend. Its effect also extends to the classic black pumps. These chic killer heels are perfect for little black dress, suit or jeans. This pair is also perfect for cropped pants as it elongates your legs.

Now, you don’t have to get scared and feel wobbly when wearing heels as heels do not necessarily mean stilettos. Consider your options such as those found in cheap heels online, honey. You can be pretty, tall and confident without wincing while walking. Life is a runway, ramp. >>> Click here for trendy shoes NOW<<<