What’s in Store? Spring 2014 Color Trends Forecast


Fall hasn’t arrived but the fashion world has already released its fearless spring 2014 color trends forecast that every fashionista looks forward to. And when there’s fashion, expect me to rave or rant about it. The Pantone color forecast features a well balanced approach style for both men and women.

Unlike this year that features a kaleidoscope range of colors, this year provides a well balanced color range with both neutral and varied colors coming together. The executive director of Pantone color, Leatrice Eiserman noticed that the 2014 Trends in terms of color are exciting and fashionable as well as neutral colors coming into the scene. She stated that it is not as though everyone is interested in sporting vibrant bright colors all over. Hence, neutral tones are ideal to put  equilibrium in the attire. Accordingly, the world needs the stability of the soft neutral colors although this do not limit to the usual beige, gray and taupe.

The most dominant among the color trends in Spring 2014 are the blue tones which are seen to steal the spotlight. Dazzling blue will definitely flatter women whereas Placid Blue will be expected to hit the men’s closet being considered as the hottest color according to the forecast.


Second in rank for the spring 2014 trends for women’s top Ten color trends is Violet Tulip. This sophisticated pigment will strikingly flatter many of skin tones so don’t be surprised if you see abundance of this shade for the season. Versatile tones took the last four spots in the color trends for women. These are placid blue, paloma, sand and hemlock. Meanwhile, colors radiant orchid, celosia orange, freesia and cayenne dominated the first six spots, the refined and vibrant tones.

For our male counterpart, the tones placid blue, paloma, dazzling blue, cayenne, sand, celosia orange are all in rage as they secure themselves on the top spots. Colors magenta, purple, comfrey, and purple haze completed men’s top 10 color trends as forecasted by Pantone.

Meanwhile, Pantone isn’t the only one that has forecasted color trends for the next spring. Their forecast has also been picked up or shall we say coincided with that of other fashion authority. Accordingly, a palette of strong primary colours saturated in a range of rainbow inspired hues will dominate the spring next year. These include grassy greens, sky blues and fluorescent acidic yellows. Candy apple reds and vibrant fuchsia brights are also in the trend. As for the next year’s theme, expect to see mismatched colors of swimwear with influence of Tribal Punk with youthful twist and Tropicana vibe.  You should not also miss the futuristic approach done with sophistication in colors oceanic blues and celestial shades. Mauve colors and aquatic blues will highlight the ensembles.

If this forecast excites you already, wait ‘til you see updates on grunge (glammed up), vintage, American Sweethearts and tribal themes come to life. Also expect to see the resurgence of color black that will redefine sophistication. Now, can you wait for the forecast to come materialize?